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Is Stephen Belafonte Related To Harry Belafonte? Parents And Family Ethnicity

Is Stephen Belafonte Related To Harry Belafonte? People are curious to know whether they are related to each other by any means or not.

There are many experienced film producers around the globe today, but they haven’t yet made it big in Hollywood. Stephen Stansbury, better known as Stephen Belafonte, is one of them.

He is a well-known American Actor, director, producer, and filmmaker best known for his work on Sister, Thank You for Smoking, and Singing Office, among many others.

Belafonte became well-known for reasons unrelated to his developing film career, including his marital problems.

The multi-talented film producer has two high-profile divorces to his credit, one of which was with Melanie Brown, better known by her stage as Mel B, a former pop sensation and an X-Factor judge.

His ex-wife, who appeared on an X-Factor show and accused Stephen of abusing her and getting their nanny pregnant, revealed the reason behind their divorce.

Is Stephen Belafonte Related To Harry Belafonte? Let’s dive deep into this article to know more about it. 

Is Stephen Belafonte Related To Harry Belafonte?

Is Stephen Belafonte Related To Harry Belafonte? No, they are not related to each other. People often get confused and think they are related because of their same surname. However, they are not. 

The 1975 Hollywood, California premiere of Stephen Belafonte took place on May 18. He had developed a passion for movies as a young youngster.

He graduated with a film producing degree from Loyola Marymount University in 1997. He had and directed a couple of little documentaries while in college.

Is Stephen Belafonte Related To Harry Belafonte
Is Stephen Belafonte Related To Harry Belafonte? (Source: Internet)

He decided to pursue filmmaking professionally after graduating from college. He made his first movie in 2005, the satirical comedy Thank You for Smoking, based on the same-named book.

Aaron Eckhart plays a tobacco business spokesperson in the movie. Critics and viewers both gave it favorable reviews after it was released.

His second movie, Mutant Chronicles (2008), was produced by him. The science fiction movie is partially based on a game.

He is acknowledged as contributing to the 2009 neo-noir movie a poor lieutenant.

Parents And Family Ethnicity Of Stephen Belafonte

Thomas and Sheryl Stansbury welcomed Stephen Belafonte into the world on May 18, 1975, in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, as Stephen Stansbury.

His mother, along with him and his six siblings, relocated to Point Pleasant, New Jersey, when he was just 12 years old.

After turning 18, he returned to California and changed his last name to Belafonte to pass as the son of Harry Belafonte, the King of Calypso, as his wife Mel B subsequently disclosed.

He obtained his Loyola Marymount University diploma and graduated. In 1997, in Los Angeles, Stephen Belafonte wed Nancy Carmell for the first time.

But after only two months, his wife escaped to Honolulu, where she filed for the annulment of their marriage. The model Nicole Contreras, whom he later dated, gave birth to their daughter Giselle Belafonte in 2004.

Is Stephen Belafonte Related To Harry Belafonte
Stephen Belafonte is an American television and film producer. (Source: Daily Star)

He was, however, charged with assault for assaulting her after a drunken argument at their House the year prior.

The court rejected his last plea that he was “confused and stressed” and did not understand he had unintentionally agreed to beat his spouse, even though he had not contested the claims.

On the ‘Talk’ set, Belafonte met Melanie Brown, also known as Mel B, and the two started dating in February 2007.

On June 6, 2007, they secretly wed in Las Vegas, and on November 8, 2008, they reaffirmed their vows in front of relatives in Hurghada, Egypt.

On September 1, 2011, the couple gave birth to a daughter named Madison Brown Belafonte. They eventually divorced in March 2017, with “emotional and physical abuse” as the reason, but it wasn’t until December 2016 that it was made public.

On December 15, 2017, the divorce became legally complete.

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