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Is Steve Nash Arrested? What Did He Do To Get Fired?

Steve Nash has been fired from his head coaching position for the Brooklyn Nets, and it was a mutual decision. 

Steve Nash is a Canadian basketball coach and former player, and he played eight seasons in NBA before starting his career as a coach. 

He only started his coaching career in 2020, he was head coach of the Brooklyn Nets from 2020- 2022, and he got fired on November 1, Monday.

The news of his getting fired has been going viral, and people have been passing positive and negative comments. 

Is Steve Nash Arrested?

Steven Nash has not been arrested in the present day, and he was long arrested in 2007, which was 15 years ago. 

He was arrested for consuming drugs in 2007 but was released after some time. The news of his arrest was viral then, but he has not been arrested for anything. 

The news of his arrest is not new; the news of his getting fired from being a head coach has been going viral, so people have been assuming diffrent reasons behind it.

The Nets have fired head coach Steve Nash, seen here during the team’s game against the Pacers in Brooklyn on Oct. 31, 2022.
The Nets have fired head coach Steve Nash, seen here during the team’s game against the Pacers in Brooklyn on Oct. 31, 2022. Source: New York Post

But it was a mutual decision, and he has not been arrested now, as per the news.

What Did Steve Nash Do To Get Fired from Brooklyn Nets? 

Steven Nash was fired after the poor start, and the former player led the team to a 2-5 record to open the season. 

Everyone was expecting more in the 2022/23 season, but the start was very unexpected, as per the manager of the Brooklyn Nets. 

But the firing decision was mutual; the manager and coach Steven agreed and are okay with it. 

Steven started coaching in 2020, his first start with Brooklyn. He has four years deal with them, and although two years of his agreement were left, they had to Fire him after the poor start.

No one was happy with his performance, and it was hard to compromise and take him as a head coach in a team, so they fired him with a mutual decision.

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People were assuming diffrent things about Steven Nash, but on Tuesday morning, he tweeted the following thank you note. He mentioned that he was very grateful to them and that the time spent in a team was precious. 

Thank you note from Steven Nash
Thank you note from Steve Nash. Image Source: Twitter

He started his coaching career in 2020 and is very grateful for the opportunity from Brooklyn Nets. 

Not only did he coach the team, he learned many things about coaching during its two years. So, he has been fired from Brooklyn. Hopefully, we will see him in other diffrent teams as a head coach. 

And Brooklyn Nets have not decided who will be the new head coach, so we will probably see a new coach in the next game. 

Net Worth of Steve Nash In 2024

According to the source, his net worth in 2024 is close to $110 million. He earned more amount when he was a professional player. 

It was also mentioned that he was the richest of all the players to earn his salary while playing on a team. He always has a higher amount than any other players.

Nash’s primary source of income is his career as a former player and a coach. He has recently been fired, so his salary will be increased if joined any other team. 

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