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Is Sue Bird Pregnant In 2023? Partner And Family

Is Sue Bird Pregnant In 2023? This is the question that former professional basketball players’ fans and followers are concerned about.

Suzanne Brigit Bird, also known as Sue Bird, is an American professional basketball player in WNBA and was born on October 16, 1980.

Talking about the 43 years old basketball player’s physicality, she has a height of 5ft 9in (175cm) tall and weighs around 150 Ibs (68kg).

Sue was chosen to play for the team based in Seattle called Seattle Storm in the 2002 WNBA draft; since then, she has played as a point guard in the Seattle Storm team her entire career.

In the Women’s National Basketball Association history, Bird is Known as one of the greatest players, and she also has represented Russia with three different Russian teams.

The Storm’s point guard was the four times WNBA champion and named the USA Basketball Female Athlete of the Year in 2021.

Further, Suzanne officially retired from her basketball career after the 26th season of the WNBA in 2022.

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Is Sue Bird Pregnant In 2023?

The American women’s basketball player Suzanne Brigit Bird is not pregnant in 2023.

The professional Basketeer had gotten a break because of her left knee injury.

Sue had thought a lot before undergoing a procedure for freezing her eggs for years as she was conscious that her health getting deteriorated to its side effects.

Also, being a professional WNBA player, she stated that she is too busy to have a goldfish and look after it.

The WNBA point guard also put her point about women being pregnant can put a huge pause or hold on their career. She encouraged that freezing eggs can be a huge opportunity for career-oriented-minded like her.

The player also addressed that this is not about gay or straight issues. It’s a prospect for women to build their careers without looking back or taking a long pause.

Seattle Storm point guard Sue Bird partner

The point guard, Sue Bird’s partner, is Megan Rapinoe, a professional National Women’s Soccer League soccer player.

Megan Rapinoe, a winger for OL Region, was born in California, U.S., on July 5, 1985.

The renowned soccer and basketball players first met at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro and then began to date each other.

Sue Bird Pregnant
The couple Sportswomen are happy about the launch of their production company “A TOUCH MORE”. (Source: Instagram)

Further, Megan had already come out as gay to the public in 2020, whereas Bird announced to the public after their relationship started.

Then both sportswomen got engaged in October 2020, after spending three years together, and are soon going to tie the knot making their relationship official.

The couple has inspired the LQBTQ community by publicly showing their special bond without hesitation.

Sue Bird family

Sue Bird was born to her parents, Herschel and Nancy Bird, on the Long Island of New York, US.

The Basketeer’s father was a descendant of Russian-Jewish ancestry, so she had held Israeli citizenship since 2006.

Apart from her parents, the famous basketball player has a sibling sister, Jen Bird, who is older than her.

Sue Bird Pregnant
The Bird family celebrates the auspicious Mother’s Day together. (Source: Instagram)

Her older sister very much influenced Sue because she was very good at sports, and they both grew up playing together.

The Settle Storm former point guard had a successful basketball career in WNBA, and it was only possible because of the support given to her career by her family.

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