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Is Tony Massarotti Sick? Illness And Health Update

People are asking Is Tony Massarotti Sick? as American novelist Tony Massarotti previously covered sports for The Boston Herald and The Boston Globe.

Along with former Boston Herald columnist Michael Felger, he co-hosts the sports talk radio program Felger & Mazz on 98.5 The Sports Hub.

During the 2022 season, Massarotti worked as a color analyst for the Boston Red Sox.

Massarotti is a 1989 alumnus of Tufts University with a double major in English and Classics. He attended Waltham High School in Waltham, Massachusetts. He belonged to the Theta Chi fraternity as well.

Massarotti began working for the Boston Herald in 1989, and from 1994 through 2008, he covered the Boston Red Sox for the publication.

Massarotti frequently reported for the Red Sox for Fox Sports New England while working at the Herald and occasionally made guest appearances on WHDH’s Sports Xtra.

Additionally, he appeared on The Big Show on Boston’s WEEI sports talk radio. Due to a long-standing rule against Globe employees occurring on the station, these visits ended when he later left the Herald for the Globe.

Although Little made debatable judgments in Game 7 of the 2003 American League Championship Series, Massarotti was well-known for his steadfast support of former Red Sox managers Jimy Williams and Grady Little while working for the Herald.

In September 2008, Massarotti began working for The Boston Globe. Massarotti started working for The Boston Globe in September 2008. In addition to writing a regular column for the paper, Massarotti became the face and voice of the Globe’s Boston.com sports section.

He departed from the Globe in March 2013. But in early 2014, Massarotti resumed writing for the Globe’s online sports blog after a lengthy break.

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Is Tony Massarotti Sick? Illness And Health Update

The answer to the question Is Tony Massarotti Sick? is Yes, as the host was absent due to some illness.

Tony Massarotti, a well-known radio presenter, stated his recent absence from “Felger & Mazz” was caused by an unanticipated health issue when he visited the 98.5 The Sports Hub studio on Monday.

Since 2009, Massarotti has co-hosted the afternoon program with Michael Felger. However, he has been absent for most of the previous three weeks.

Last week, when Felger returned from his holiday break, Massarotti was not there to greet him. Before Christmas, according to Massarotti, he became ill and had to leave the studio in the middle of a performance. He has since been talking about his health.

Tony Massarotti Sick
The answer to the question Is Tony Massarotti Sick? is Yes. (Source: Mass Live)

“Long story short is this,” Massarotti said on the show on Monday, “I had some health difficulties spring up during the holidays that I was not anticipating, and, you know, this also handles things in the future. I got a lot of letters, and people had a lot of questions.”

They needed my immediate attention, we took care of them, and I feel good about it. However, on the advice of the folks looking after me, I also need to speed up returning to work here.

Massarotti made no additional comments. He declared he would work a part-time, spaced-out schedule over the upcoming weeks.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be in and out a little bit, he remarked. “I won’t have entire weeks, but I’ll build myself up to one,” the speaker said.

Not be excessively long. I feel fine once more. I value the outreach I receive. I originally intended to return last week, but I’ve decided to stay longer because I have a ton of vacation time, like (Michael) Hurley. I extended it slightly as a result, but I’m pleased to be back and in excellent health.

Hence, the answer to the question Is Tony Massarotti Sick? is Yes.

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