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What Happened In Jack Doherty Fight With Stranger? Controversial Video

Being a popular content creator, the news about Jack Doherty fight with a stranger caused quite a stir on the internet. What really happened? Let’s find that out!

Jack Doherty is a renowned YouTuber, vlogger, and social media personality.

He started his career making videos of himself flipping multiple objects, including markers, which went viral and gained millions of views.

But his breakthrough came when his prank video became viral on online platforms. 

Today, people recognize him for his diversified content on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, which has captured the hearts of global audiences. 

However, despite receiving love for his humorous content, his other involvements have also made him the center of attention.

This involves Jack Doherty getting into fights with strangers in public places. So, let us find out what happened in a recent fight of Jack Doherty with a stranger.

What Happened In Jack Doherty Fight With Stranger?

Jack Doherty getting involved in a controversial fight is no new topic for his fans.

And his new video about his fight has made fans curious to know the story behind it.

Initially uninvolved in the fight, Jac found himself being the victim of the attack after he received a couple of punches from a stranger in an online livestream. 

Though this is not new, this incident has especially shocked many as it happened in his bodyguard’s presence. And they were unable to prevent the attack. 

Jack Doherty standing infront of his purple car
Jack Doherty is a renowned public figure and YouTuber. (Source: Instagram)

In the footage, it looks like he is among a group of people, and a heated argument is going on.

Everything looked normal at first, but things took a turn as the person approached the YouTuber and punched him. And surprisingly, he did it twice. 

However, both parties quickly resolved quickly resolved the issue as they decided not to drag it further.

However, the controversial video is going viral on X, a former Twitter.

Though this is not the first time Jack Dohersty has been involved in such a fight, his supporters across the world showed worry for him. 

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Jack Doherty’s Involvement In Other Cases

Throughout his content-creating career, Jack seems to constantly be involved in getting slapped or hit during his livestreams.

In August 2023, Jack was at his subathon at an influencers meet and was involved in a heated argument with the popular streamer N3on

A livestream occurred when the fight started, resulting in N3on throwing water on Jack.

The YouTuber did not lie back and started getting involved verbally. This led to Jack getting a slap in response. 

Following this incident, the content creator again fought with The Island Boys.

It started first as a verbal dispute but later resulted in a physical attack.

Jack Doherty flexing his expensive watch
Jack Doherty controversial videos often cause a stir on the internet. (Source: Instagram)

However, the exact reason for the fight is unknown, as neither Jack nor The Island Boys say anything regarding this.

In addition, the other Jack Doherty fight incidents include an assault by Izi Prime, which occurred at his own house.

A collaborative stream was going on when Prime attacked the streamer.

Moreover, police authorities were also involved here, and it became hot news for streamers and their fans. 

But this does not end here! During the 2023 Halloween, Jack had an ugly verbal fight with a guest invited to Corinna Kopf’s Halloween party.

Everything was going fine until it turned into assault, with Jack’s bodyguard attacking a fellow guest.

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