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Jaclyn Jose Children: Meet Daughter Andi Eigenmann & Son Gwen

At present, many of the admireres of Jaclyn Jose worrying about her children as the Filipino actress left the living world on March 3, 2024, just at 59. So, let’s explore her children’s condition amidst the deep grief. 

Jaclyn Jose took her last breath passed away on Sunday leaving everyone in shock, PPL Entertainment confirmed through Instagram.

The Filipino actress debuted in the movie industry in 1984 through an adult drama series, Chicas and Chito S. and Private Show.

Shortly after her first break, Jaclyn Jose got a nomination for the FAMAS Awards that secured her career as an actress.

With that, Jaclyn got many other offers and acted in projects like White Slavery, Takaw Tukso, Bolera, etc.

But, her last acting project become Batang Quiapo in 2023 for which the Cannes Film Festival recently awarded her Best Actress award.

But sadly, within a year, the sad news of her death emerged, which escalated a discussion on her children.

Jaclyn Jose Children: Meet Daughter Andi Eigenmann & Son Gwen

At present, while people are mourning the sad demise of Jaclyn Jose, her children are maintaining a distance from the media.

However, it’s known that her daughter Andi Eigenmann and son Gwen Garimond stood by the side of an actress during her last days.

Talking about her daughter Andi, she was born in 1990 making her a 34 year old in 2024.

She is an Instagram influencer with 4.1 million followers on her official Instagram account.

Jaclyn Jose with her son
Jaclyn Jose was a mother of a son and a daughter. (Source: Instagram)

Further, she had her son Gwen in 1999. Her son Gwen is a True Faith, XAGA, and The Dawn bands guitarist.

Furthermore, Jaclyn was a mother to the 25-year-old son Gwen who is doing his best to establish his name in the music industry.

Likewise, she was a wife to Mark Gil, a Filipino actor. The couple first met on the movie sets of Itanong Mo Sa Buwan and later tied the knot.

Sadly, her husband Mark also bis a last goodbye to the world in 2024.

Though both the couple are not alive, they spend their whole life parenting their children.

Despite that, it shocks the audiences that Jaclyn’s son and daughter expressed their emotions publicly on her passing.

Jaclyn Jose portrait
Mary Jane Santa Ana Guck, aka Jaclyn Jose, was a Filipino actress. (Source: Instagram)

Though her children didn’t pay tribute, PPL Entertainment did writing,

It saddens us to inform everyone of the untimely passing of Miss Jaclyn Jose (real name Mary Jane Guck). More details will be shared as soon as they are available.

PPL Entertainment further added 

The Guck and Eigenmann families are requesting for everyone to please pray for the eternal repose of Miss Jaclyn Jose and for them to be allowed the respect and privacy to mourn her passing, and navigate these difficult times

Seeing this, it’s certain that in the last days of actress Jaclyn Jose, her family members, including her children and friends, were by her side at her residence in Quezon City.

However, the demise news of Jaclyn Jose has made netizens wonder about the reason for her passing.

How Did Jaclyn Jose Passed Away? Reason Revealed!

Jaclyn Jose was born Mary Jane Santa Ana Guck in 1964. She was young when her father passed away, and poverty hit.

To come out of that poor financial condition, she started acting when she was 18 and well-maintained herself in the mainstream acting business.

But lately, she faced some health struggles and in the late 2023, she shifted from acting to direction. 

But as her health kept deteriorating, she left the business, and sometime later, the sad news of her death emerged online.

jaylyn with grand daughter
Ellie Ejercito, grand daughter of Jaylyn recently posted photos with her late grandmother on her Instagram story. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, the exact reason of her death is yet to reveal. But yes, her children become the centre of attention after the passing news of Jaclyn Jose.

In the sad condition, her management team have requested media to maintain peace.

So, for now, the actual reason for the death of the 59-year-old actress remains a secret for now.

Nevertheless, the Filipino entertainment industry will never forget Jaclyn Jose as the most influential actress.

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