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Jacob Lennon Parents: Meet Mother Louise Lennon And Her Partner Jake Drummond

The news of 15-month-old Jacob Lennon baby murder took the internet by storm. The little boy died after cruel and sadistic abuse on 27 August 2019.

Jacob Lennon’s mother and her partner, Jake Drummond, were convicted over the death of the 15-month-old. Drummond fatally shook and hit the little boy.

Little Lennon was said to have a “panda” like face because his face was swollen and bruised. Jacob’s mother failed to protect him and even joked that he looked like a little madman.

According to Scotland Yard’s Dt Ch Insp Wayne Jolley, it was the saddest case of his three-decades-long career and “distressing and emotional” for everyone involved.

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Jacob Lennon Parents: Meet Mother Louise Lennon And father

Jacob Lennon’s mother, Louise Lennon, 33, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for not protecting him.

On the other hand, Louise’s drug addict boyfriend, Jake Drummond, who fatally shook and hit the toddler, was ordered to at least 32 years in prison.

Jacob Lennon Baby Murder
Jacob Lennon’s mother, Louise Lennon, and her boyfriend, Jake. (Image Source BBC)

It has been reported that Jake Drummond, 34, smoked up to 15 cannabis spliffs and used cocaine daily. The cruel abuse began weeks before Jacob Lennon died in August 2019. 

Drummond is accused of inflicting a long list of injuries to Jacob’s face, body, and genitalia three weeks before his demise, according to testimony given at the pair’s March trial at the Old Bailey.

On 27 August 2019, Drummond fatally hit and shook the young boy, leaving his face so battered and bloated that witnesses said Jacob looked like a “panda.”

According to testimony given in court, Jacob’s mother did nothing to protect him. She even made jokes with Drummond. The couple denied any wrongdoings and blamed one another for Jocob’s injuries.

Lennon asserted that she was “coerced and threatened,” while Drummond maintained that he was not to blame for Jacob’s injuries.

Jake Drummond Criminal History

Jake Drummond had previously been found guilty of drug possession, holding his mother in the throat and shoving an ex-girlfriend into a wall.

Drummond of Roehampton was given a life sentence with a minimum period of 32 years for the murder of Jacob and six years to run concurrently for wounding at the publicly broadcast sentencing at the Old Bailey.

Lennon received a 10-year sentence for causing or permitting Jacob’s death and a concurrent six-year sentence for the cruelty allegation, to which she had pled guilty.

Jacob Lennon Death: Saddest Case

Scotland Yard’s Detective Chief Inspector, Wayne Jolley, said it was the saddest case of his three-decades-long career. He added it had been “distressing and emotional” for everyone involved.

Jacob Lennon Baby Murder
Jacob Lennon died in 2019 after his mother’s drug addict boyfriend fatally shook and hit him. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Jolley revealed that the 15-month-old baby was exposed to some horrendous injuries that were genuinely awful and cruel.

Little Jacob had sustained more than 20 injuries in his tiny body at the time of his death. The wound to his genitalia was one of the most severe wounds, added Jolley.

Although Jacob had a severe head injury, which ultimately caused his death, Drummond assaulted him over three weeks.

As the child’s mother, Louise Lennon would have known these wounds were serious and required medical attention. But she ignored it.

The little boy’s mother compared his head injuries to being dropped from a first-floor building.

Detective Chief Inspector further revealed that the defendants were pretty nasty as they made jokes about Jacob’s suffering in messages interspersed with laughing emojis.

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