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Jagruti Pathak Journalist Wikipedia Age Family And Net Worth

With the release of the Scoop trailer, people are interested in knowing about Jagruti Pathak Journalist Wikipedia, the main character in the series. 

Renowned director Hansal Mehta is back with another gripping tale of crime, ambition, and Police after Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story.

This time, the notorious Chhota Rajan, a mafia figure from the underground, is involved in the plot, guaranteeing one of the most suspenseful crime shows on Netflix, Scoop.

Jagruti Pathak (Karishma Tanna), a head-turning ambitious reporter, is introduced at the beginning of the Scoop trailer.

Her male coworkers bring up her three promotions in seven years, subtly suggesting misogynistic explanations for her achievement.

As she turns out to be a suspect in the murder of an associate senior Journalist, this becomes a defining characteristic of her personality.

Jagruti Pathak Journalist Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Journalist?

Jagruti Pathak is yet to be listed on the official page of Wikipedia. Her age is unknown to the media or the public at this time. 

She worked as a star crime reported and was prime accused of the murder of another Journalist. 

She has to defend her innocence as she becomes the focus of attention since everyone thinks she used her connections in the underground to kill her competitor.

And so, Hansal Metha and Mrummayee Lagoo Waikul feature this crime story in the upcoming Netflix series, Scoop.

Jagruti Pathak Journalist Wikipedia
Karishma Tanna portrays Jagruti Pathak in Hansal Mehta’s new Netflix series, Scoop. (Source: Times of India)

The role of Jagruti Pathak is played by a famous Indian Actress, Karishma Tanna. Karishma is listed on the official page of Wikipedia, unlike Jagruti.

Karishma, who played the role of Jagruti, is currently 40 years old and was born on 21 December 1983.

So, we can speculate that Jagruti was in her early forties at the time of the crime. However, there is no reliable source to give proof to the speculation.

In the teaser of the new Netflix series, Scoop, Jagruti can be seen working as a newspaper’s deputy bureau chief and landing an interview with Chhota Rajan’s gang member Nana, one of the great names in the underworld.

Even the Police, among her reliable sources, turn against her when Jaideb Sen (Prosenjit Chatterjee) is brutally murdered.

She is declared the prime suspect and taken to jail. Jagruti must strive to clear her name even if most believe she is guilty. However, her family is by her side the entire time.

Jagruti Pathak Family: Who Are Her Parents?

The details of Jagruti Pathak’s family are now unknown to the media or the public. However, she lived with her parents in India. 

We can see that the Scoop trailer provides graphic snippets of Jagruti’s pursuit of justice alongside her parents while working to clear her name.

Her professional standing suffers, which has a negative impact on her family. But her family never stops supporting her. 

Jagruti Pathak Journalist Wikipedia
The 2019 memoir Behind Bars inspired Hansal Mehta’s new Netflix series Byculla: My Days in Prison. (Source: Latestly)

The 2019 memoir Behind Bars in Byculla: My Days in Prison by Journalist Jigna Vora inspired the Mrunmayee Lagoo Waikul and Hansal Mehta series.

It details the actual incidents surrounding the death of acclaimed Journalist Jyotirmoy Dey in 2011.

Meanwhile, Karishma Tanna, who plays the role of Jagruti, was born to her parents in Maharastra, India. She spends her childhood in Bombay. 

Karishma is the daughter of her late Father, Kartik Tanna, and her loving mother, Jasmine Tanna. Her Father died in October 2012, and she is very close to her mother after the incident.

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Jagruti Pathak Net Worth: How Much Does She Make?

Jagruti Pathak’s net worth is unknown as of May, 2024. She worked as a Journalist, which was her primary source of income.

The salary of a Journalist is not much in India, so we can speculate that Jagruti’s net worth was not much. However, she was living a happy life. 

Meanwhile, Karishma, who portrays Jagruti, has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of May, 2024.   

She has a monthly income of more than 30 lakhs of Indian currency. According to Spice Cinemas, Karishma charges 1.5 lakhs IC per episode. 

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