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Meet Jaidyn Alexis Sister And Mom Who Are Her Twins

Recent engagement news has put Jaidyn Alexis in the spotlight as many wonder about her personal life, including her sister.

Jaidyn Alexis is an influential social media personality famous for her presence on Instagram.

She shares glimpses of her lifestyle, offering a peek into her family, friends, and other personal details.

Further, Alexis is also the CEO of Babyface Skin & Body LLC, a beauty and healing company based in California.

Through her platform, she showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to her venture.

Moreover, Alexis’s music career is also evolving with the release of her single Stewie.

Recently, she announced that she inked a deal with Columbian Records.

As Jaidyn Alexis gains popularity, people are curious about her parents and sister.

Meet Jaidyn Alexis Sister And Mom Who Are Her Twins

After a career full of scandals and rumors, Jaidyn Alexis draws attention to her family.

Despite being a public figure, Jaidyn Alexis has kept information about her mom and sister undercover.

As of now, there is not much information about her parents.

However, she did mention them in some of her past tweets and interviews.

Jaidyn Alexis record
Jaidyn recently signed a contract with Colombian Records. (Source: Instagram)

One thing we can understand from her tweets is that the media personality loves her mom with all her heart.

Throughout the years, Alexis has confused fans about her ethnicity as well.

But she cleared the confusion in a recent podcast with Jason Lee.

In the episode, Alexis goes into detail about her mixed ethnicity as Black, Asian, and Mexican.

Alexis’s grandmother is half Asian and half Black, while her mother comes from a Mexican background.

Jaidyn Alexis mother
Jaidyn Alexis’s mother on the right attends a gender reveal party. (Source: Instagram)

Such a diverse cultural setting has influenced the singer’s upbringing and personality.

Further in the same episode, Alexis also mentions her father, who is currently in custody.

She goes on to explain that he has been in and out of jail since Alexis was eight years old.

This explains her distant relationship with her father in contrast to her mother.

Despite keeping family details a mystery, few pictures show similarities between Jaidyn Alexis and her mother and sister.

Further, her mother was spotted at Alexis’s gender reveal party, and fans could not tell them apart.

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Jaidyn Alexis’s Partner And Children

Along with information about her sister, people also want to learn more about Jaidyn Alexis partner.

Alexis is currently in a romantic relationship with Johnathan Jamal Porter, known as Blueface.

Further, Blueface is an American rapper who gained popularity after his song Respect My Cryppin.

They have been together since they were 13, although their relationship has experienced many problems.

Jaidyn Alexis engagement
Jaidyn got engaged to a long-term boyfriend, Blueface. (Source: Instagram)

Along with Alexis, Blueface has had numerous relationships with other stars.

In 2020, the singer was trending on social media after she destroyed Blueface’s car after she caught him cheating.

Recently, the rapper dated and had a child with reality star and music artist Chrisean Rock.

Further, in a prior quarrel with Alexis, Rock reportedly had one of her teeth knocked out.

Later, Rock was arrested in Oklahoma after she stole Blueface’s car to drive to Baltimore.

Likewise, she was accused of breaking into the house and stealing some cash before fleeing the scene.

Jaidyn family
Blueface wants to rebuild his life with Jaidyn and his kids. (Source: Instagram)

This led to the split of Blueface with Rock, and he reconnected with Jaidyn to rebuild their family.

Currently, Alexis has two children, a son and a daughter, with the music artist.

Their oldest son, Javaughn J. Porter, was born on April 29, 2019, and is now five years old.

He has appeared in several radio interviews with his father and was featured in Blueface’s 2018 release, Dead Locs.

Similarly, the couple welcomed their second child, Journey Alexis Porter, in 2022.

The celebrity often shares pictures with her kids, and many adore the bond that the family has.

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