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Is Jake Webber Girlfriend TaraYummy? Real Name, Age, & Height

Questions about Jake Webber’s dating life have always intrigued his admirers. So, let’s see who might be the potential girlfriend of the influencer, Jake Webber.

Jake Webber, a talented American born on June 11, 1998, has made a big name online.

He’s not just a musician but also a businessman and a famous social media influencer.

Moreover, people love him for his incredible performances and content.

On his YouTube channel, Jake shares lots of cool videos, like true crime stories and off-crime-related stuff.

Additionally, he’s also known as TaraYummy’s boyfriend. Now, Tara is a big deal, too! She’s a famous YouTuber and Instagram model.

The couple likes to share bits of their favorite moments with their fans on social media. People are interested in Jake’s love life, especially wanting to know more about Tara Yummy.

They even want to know Tara’s real name and background. It’s like everyone is eager to get the scoop on the girlfriend of Jake Webber.

Jake Webber Girlfriend: Real Name And Background Detail

People are super interested in Jake Webber, the YouTuber with a massive subscriber count, and his personal life. A big part of the curiosity revolves around the girlfriend of Jake Webber.

Everyone wants the scoop on her real name and background.

However, little about her personal life is known since she lacks a Wikipedia. But we have got you covered.

Her actual name is Tara Thompson, and she was born on July 31, 2000, in Maryland, USA. That makes her 23 years old.

Moreover, Tara is proudly American, follows the Christian religion, and has Persian roots.

Girlfriend of Jake Webber standing in black dress
TaraYummy posted her first photo in 2017. (Source: Instagram)

TaraYummy, or Tarya as some affectionately call her, is a social media sensation. She took Instagram by storm with her breathtaking beauty.

Furthermore, she gained popularity with her incredible fashion sense and stunning modeling photos from a young age, hinting at a promising future.

Similarly, she started gaining attention by sharing her modeling pictures on Instagram and creating videos on YouTube.

Likewise, she’s a TikTok sensation, too, boasting a massive fan base.

Tara completed high school with flying colors and resides in Southern California, USA.

So, there you have it! A glimpse into the world of the girlfriend of Jake Webber, TaraYummy, full of social media stardom, style, and a touch of mystery.

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Why Is TaraYummy Famous? Height And Weight Detail

People are wondering how TaraYummy became so popular at such a young age.

TaraYummy, despite being relatively young, has become well-known for her creativity on social media.

She’s particularly famous for sharing modeling and casual pictures on Instagram, where she started posting in 2017.

Since then, her popularity has soared, and she now has over 554K followers.

TaraYummy speaking in mic in front of crowd
TaraYummy’s first shows had completely sold out. (Source: Instagram)

Not just limited to Instagram, Tara is also a YouTuber. She launched her channel in January 2012 and started posting videos in March 2019.

Similarly, her content includes entertaining vlogs, Q&A sessions, and glimpses into her life, earning her a subscriber count of over 382K.

Moreover, TaraYummy is also a hit on TikTok, where she shares challenges, lip-syncing, dance videos, fashion tips, and more.

She boasts an impressive following of over 1.4 M on TikTok.

Furthermore, let’s not forget Twitter, where she has over 255K followers.

Also, she’s got a good height with body measurements to match. TaraYummy is 5 feet 6 inches tall (168 cm) and weighs around 121 pounds (55 kg).

TaraYummy dressed as devil and Jake webber dressed as Jesus
The couple regularly share their best moment photos on their respective social media pages. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, she also gained popularity because of her relationship status.

TaraYummy is in a relationship with another well-known American YouTuber, Jake Webber.

They’ve been together since 2019, and their relationship became public through Tara’s Instagram and YouTube.

The social media power couple, Jake Webber and TaraYummy, dated for four years, from 2019 to 2023.

They announced their amicable separation on their respective YouTube channels in August 2023.

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