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Jakub Bocheński Zona:Is He Married? Family And Net Worth

Jakub Bochenski is a Nowy Scz resident who works as a social worker, economist, activist, and politician.

He launched the Left’s list in Nowy Scz during the 2019 parliamentary elections, garnering over 15,000 votes, but he could not secure a seat.

He previously made an unsuccessful bid for Robert Biedro’s Spring in the European Parliament elections.

Jakub Bocheński Zona: Is He Married?

Sadly, Jakub seems to be a little secretive regarding his personal life, as the politician has not yet shared any information about his wife with the public.

Jakub Bocheński with his could be wife.
Source: Instagram

However, Jacub does have shared pictures of his “could be” wife on social media like Instagram, but even there, he has not shown his wife’s face. Additionally, it is yet to be confirmed that the beautiful woman in the picture is his wife.

Meet Jakub Bocheński Family 

Jakub is a family-loving man who believes ” man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.” as seen in his Instagram post.

Jakub Bocheński
Jakub Bocheński with his family. Source: Instagram

The activist frequently shares pictures with his friends and family on Instagram, where he goes by the handle @jakubbochenski. Sadly, he has not revealed any more information about them.

However, we can tell he loves them unconditionally and wants to keep them out of public view.

Jakub Bocheński Net Worth 2022

Sadly, the politician has not yet revealed his exact net worth to the public, but we can say Jakub has earned significantly throughout his career.

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Jakub is a politician, economist, and social worker well-known for his charity activities. Although he hasn’t disclosed his actual net worth to the public, it is believed to be more than $1 million.

Jakub Bocheński protesting Climate Change with Youths.
Source: Instagram

Jakub has not yet formally validated this information. Jakub Bocheski is a very grounded individual because he is never depicted flashing his cash on Instagram or any other social media.

Jakub Bocheński Missing?

Jakub was last seen at the Hilton Hotel on ul. Dbska 5 in Krakow on Thursday between 12 and 13.

The brother of the missing person claims that the man was most likely operating a graphite Renault Megane with the license plate KNS0453N.

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On that particular day, the politician sported a black hoodie and jeans. He is 30 years old, 180 cm tall, and has a beard, brown eyes, and dark brown hair.

The brother of the missing person requests that people call 505770122 or 112 if they see the missing person.

Important: Please contact me immediately if anyone sees a car with KNS 0453N registrations and owns it. Particularly in parking lots, close to water reservoirs, anywhere,” Jakub’s brother writes.

Politicians who lean left joined the appeal. “Kuba, a buddy of ours, is missing. Since yesterday, the Police have been seeking him.

Please let people know about this. Perhaps someone has witnessed or is aware of anything, Robert Biedro speculated.

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“My friend, Cuba is missing. His final location was Krakow. Although the Police are also looking for him, perhaps something has been observed here.

We search everywhere. If you can, spread the word, Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus begs.




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