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James Craig Arrested And Charged: Aurora Dentist Suspected Of His Wife Angela Death

Is James Craig Arrested? Yes, the aurora dentist was arrested early Sunday morning on a first-degree murder charge related to his wife, Angela. Here’s more.

James Craig, whose full name is James Toliver Craig, is a dentist who practiced dentistry at Summerbrook Dental Group in Aurora, Colorado, US. He specialized in orthodontics, emergency dentistry, dental implants, and many more.

Apart from that, Craig was also a professor at the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Dentistry. During his time at the University, James taught classes in clinical dentistry, biochemistry and histology.

Moreover, the Aurora-based dentist has been the talk of the town lately as his arrest news has dragged the eyes of many. 

Is James Craig Arrested? His Charges Details

Yes, James Craig has already been arrested. On Sunday, March 19, Craig was charged with homicide after allegedly murdering his wife, Angela.

The Aurora-based dentist was booked on charges of first-degree murder after being detained by patrol officers and the Aurora Police Department’s Major Crimes Homicide Unit at around 2 am. 

James Craig Arrested
James Craig has been arrested following his wife’s death. (Source: Twitter)

Aurora Division Chief Mark Hildebrand released an official statement revealing the news of Craig’s detention and case details. Meanwhile, Craig was close to everyone, and his married life was also going well.

However, his recent arrest has shocked the Aurora community, as James has practiced dentistry in the city for over a decade. His patients told reporters that James was always friendly and professional.

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Aurora Dentist James Craig Suspected Of His Wife Angela Death

James Craig is facing a murder charge after Police found proof that he fatally poisoned his wife, Angela. At around 8:45 pm. On Wednesday, James drove Angela to the hospital because she complained of severe headaches and dizziness.

After arriving at the hospital, Angela’s condition worsened, and she was instantly put on a ventilator in the ICU, police said. Sadly, Angela was declared medically brain-dead a short time later. 

James Craig is a dentist who is described as a professional and good person. (Source: Facebook)

Police reported that homicide detectives investigated the woman’s sudden death and found evidence that she was poisoned. Shortly after doctors took Angela off life support, a warrant for the dentist was obtained early Sunday morning.

At the time of this post, it is unknown why James poisoned his wife. The case is still being investigated, and this is a developing story. So, more info will be updated soon.

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Insights On James Craig Wife and Married Life

According to Conan Daily, James and his late wife, Angela, were originally from Kansas, USA. The married couple also lived in other parts of Colorado, including Denver.

James and his wife reportedly had an age gap of two years. As said earlier, James was a part of Summerbrook Dental Group. As per the website’s bio, he and his wife were the proud parents of six children.

James Craig wife
Dentist James Craig and his wife, Angela, were married for many years, and they are parents of six kids. (Source: Facebook)

Further information about their married life and kids remains unknown. Moreover, Craig was friendly and had a good relationship with everyone.

Also, people who knew him have described him as a professional and good person. But the recent news has left everyone shocked. 

His first court appearance is set for Monday morning in Arapahoe County.

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