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James Hodges Florida: A Blind Man Arrested For Walking Stick, What Did He Do?

James Hodges was arrested in Florida, saying he was carrying a gun. People are curious to know the reason behind his arrest. 

James Hodges is an ordinary person whose video went viral when he was arrested. People started getting to know him after the video got everyone’s attention. 

When the Police arrested him, people blamed the Police for controlling the blind man who was just carrying his cane. 

The video started going in different places; many people also started passing negative comments to the government. People were making their reason behind the incident. 

James Hodges Florida: A Blind Man Arrested For Walking Stick

Police arrested a legally blind man after they mistook his cane for a gun; the investigation took place, and they are prompting temporarily suspended the deputies involved for their behavior.

Police who arrested him said that he was carrying the gun in his back pocket, it was 8 am, and they might have made a mistake because of the weather and the fog in the morning. 

When he claimed that he didn’t have a gun, the investigation started, and they found out that the Police mistook the cane he was carrying to walk to the weapon. 

Picture of James who was arrested by police for walking stick.
Picture of James, who was arrested by Police for walking stick. (Image Source: The Mirror)

In the video, we can see that Police asked the blind man to say his name and date of birth, but he refused to say that to them, people he was not sure were Police. 

When he refused to mention his name to them, they took him and arrested him for the weapon he never had with him. 

When he was taken for the investigation, Hodge told the deputy it was a “navigational aid” when he learned they were investigating for the gun. He explained everything he had in his back pocket. 

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What Did James Hodge Do?

James Hodge is a blind man who was trending in the news when the Police arrested him. The reason behind his arrest was he was carrying a gun with him, as per the Police. 

But after some time, the news came in public saying that he did not have any gun with him when Police tried to arrest him and send him to jail. 

How can the Police be this careless for someone to arrest? He claimed to have a cane with him in his back pocket when Police thought it was a gun. 

After some investigation, Police admitted that they might have seen a gun because of the morning fog. The blind man was innocent, and he was released after some time. 

Cops arrest legally blind Florida man after mistaking folded cane for gun.
Cops arrest legally blind Florida man after mistaking folded cane for the gun. (Image Source: New York Post)

He did not do any illegal work to get arrested; he was just an ordinary person walking in the morning carrying his walking stick. 

The Police who arrested him have also been temporarily out from his work; the arrest was unacceptable. Before making an arrest, they must be clear about what they are arresting the people for. 

The news about the man is still trending when people find out it was fake news about his getting arrested for a weapon. 

So, the information about James is clear: he did not do any illegal work against the government to get arrested. 

Hodges was released the same day after some investigation; he did not spend a day in jail after his arrest. 

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