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Who Is James Hong Wife Susan Hong? Age And Net Worth

As James Hong marks his 95th birthday with a handprint and footprint ceremony at TCL Chinese Theatre, his fans have shown a sudden interest in his personal life, particularly wanting details about his married life and wife.

James Hong, born on February 22, 1929, is an American actor, producer, and director.

Since the 1950s, James Hong has played various roles in numerous U.S. media productions.

He primarily gained popularity for starring in the detective series The New Adventures of Charlie Chan.

In addition, he has also made appearances in other shows and movies such as Bonanza, I Spy, Blade, Airplane!, and more.

With a career spanning over 7 decades, James’ versatile talent has earned him worldwide recognition.

Such popularity has resulted in an increased interest in the personal matters of James, including his marriage.

Now, netizens want details regarding the wife of James Hong to learn more about their relationship status.

Who Is James Hong Wife Susan Hong? Age And Net Worth

Famous personalities like James Hong are often questioned about their relationships and family background.

Similarly, netizens’ focus shifted towards the wife of James Hong, Susan, as the media often spot her alongside the media personality.

So, let’s explore Susan’s personal life and career in more detail in the following article.

James Hong wife in pink cardigan with him
According to sources, Susan Hong has American roots and is of mixed ethnicity. (Source: Twitter)

Susan Hong was born in San Diego on February 5, 1953, and is 71 years old.

However, Susan prefers a quiet life as she never shares details about her personal life in the public sphere.

Likewise, Susan has also put her schooling details yet behind the curtain.

Now, shifting to her professional life, she has not disclosed many details about it.

However, she is known to have appeared in productions like Full Cycle: A World Odyssey and Man of a Thousand Faces.

James Hong and his wife at the stage
James Hong has 28k followers on Instagram as of now. (Source: Twitter)

Since not much information has been disclosed, determining her net worth has proven challenging.

But on the other hand, her husband, James Hong, has a net worth of approximately $12 million. So, it is safe to assume his wife is in the same range.

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Relationship Details About James And Susan: Do They Have Any Children?

Susan was not James Hong first wife; he was previously married to Pearl Huang.

James and Pearl tied the knot in 1967, but after six years of marriage, they divorced in 1973.

James Hong and his wife and daughter
Susan Hong does not have any social media accounts. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, it was only four years later, in 1977, that James remarried and tied the knot with Susan.

Furthermore, the lack of clarity on how the couple initially met adds a mysterious element that fans are curious to know.

In addition, they have a daughter named April Hong. However, according to James’ Wikipedia, the couple shares three daughters and eight grandchildren.

Furthermore, their daughter, April, is presently 45 years old.

She has established herself as an actress known for her roles in productions like Kung Fu Panda, Nomad, and others.

James and his daughter
James received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2022. (Source: Twitter)

However, James Hong wife, Susan, also maintains a low profile when it comes to sharing details about her relationship.

Nevertheless, it has been nearly five decades, and the couple has remained together, providing unwavering support to each other.

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