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James Madix Obituary: Ariana Madix Father With Tribute In Socials

The TV personality Ariana Madix tributes to her late father, James, in a recent performance, so let’s dive into his influence and obituary.

Ariana Madix is an American television actress, model, bartender, and online personality from Florida.

Early in her career, she was frequently cast in videos for the comedy website CollegeHumor.

However, Madix struggled to get television roles in New York City, so she decided to move to Los Angeles.

After roles in several TV series, she appeared on season 32 of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars dance competition.

Moreover, Madix’s heartfelt performance for her father in the recent episode has touched the hearts of many viewers.

Now, people want to learn more about the father of Ariana Madix, James, and his obituary and influence on the dancing star.

James Madix: Obituary And Cause Of Death

The reality TV star, Ariana Madix, was born to her mother, Tanya Karr Madix, and her father, James Madix.

She was conceived two years after the couple got married in 1985.

However, the marriage did not last long, as Madix’s mother, Tanya, filed for divorce in 1990.

Ariana Madix with her father James and mother Tanya
Ariana was the first child of her parents. (Source: Instagram)

Since then, it has been the responsibility of Tanya to raise Madix and her younger brother, Jeremy.

Moreover, during an interview, Madix described her childhood as rough and unstable.

The actress revealed that her father, James, would not come home for days.

Further, during that time, he was going through some stuff and doing his best in a lot of ways.

However, James had a tendency to be done with work and be at the dive bar instead of his family.

This greatly affected Madix and her brother’s state of mind as children.

Likewise, Madix realized that overachieving was a coping mechanism for her father’s absence.

James Madix children
Ariana shared a rough childhood with her brother. (Source: Instagram)

However, despite his behavior, Madix loved him dearly, and so did her brother.

Meanwhile, James passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack on August 15, 2013.

He also struggled with many other issues leading to his untimely death, which greatly affected the family.

In this James Madix obituary, we remember a compassionate father of the children.

James Madix will forever be remembered and appreciated for his influence on the TV star’s career through this obituary.

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Remembering Ariana Madix’s Father As She Tributes In Socials

Ariana Madix recently dedicated a dance routine to her father, James, which was a tear-jerker.

Further, she revealed her plans to pay tribute to James on the October 10th episode of Dancing With The Stars on her Instagram.

Madix also included a throwback photo of her father, and she appeared to be the baby he was holding in his arms.

As for the performance, Madix paired with pro-dancer Pasha Pashkov.

Likewise, she showed off her quick step skills in You Can’t Hurry Love by The Supremes for Motown Night.

Ariana Madix dance for James
Ariana dedicated her recent dance to her late father. (Source: Instagram)

The story behind this dance was that Madix grew up listening to Motown music in her Florida hometown because of her father, James.

In addition, Madix decided to dedicate her dance to her father, seeing a total score of 34 out of 40.

Later, in an interview after the show, she told reporters that she could hardly watch the performance because it was very emotional to look back on.

However, she talked about her father as,

I think it would be a dream of his to see me performing on a stage of this magnitude.

Further, while talking about her father’s love, a piece of gold confetti fell into the dancer’s hands.

Madix took this as an emotional sign from her late father.

Moreover, the performance also fell very near the first anniversary of the loss of her grandmother, Bonnie.

Viewers worldwide adored the performance as they felt the emotions in her dance.

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