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Is James Somerton Gay Or Queer? Gender And Sexuality Details

Following the exposure of the YouTube controversy, netizens wonder whether James Somerton is gay after analyzing his queer-focused content online.

Born on May 2, 1992, James Somerton is an independent filmmaker, content creator, and well-known YouTuber from Atlanta, Georgia.

With over 330k subscribers on his YouTube channel, Somerton creates content related to pop culture.

Further, his popular videos are theories and analyses of several Marvel Comics.

Over the years, Somerton has carved a name as a notable figure in creating engaging content.

However, controversies surround his image as a recent video of HBomberguy exposed the creator with his deeds.

Along with such trouble, many wonder if James Somerton is gay and search for details about his sexuality.

Is James Somerton Gay Or Queer? Gender And Sexuality Details

As James Somerton takes the spotlight, netizens wonder about his sexuality and question if he is gay.

From the beginning of his career, Somerton has contributed to discourse on the LGBTQ+ community.

Moreover, his take on often controversial and taboo subjects has earned him over 330k subscribers.

James Somerton in a video
Somerton has a decline in subscribers. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, Somerton has raised questions over his sexuality due to his content online.

Through his Tumblr account, it was confirmed by the creator himself that he belongs to the queer community.

Moreover, it can be stated that James Somerton is gay, despite much speculation that he also could be bisexual.

In addition, details about his relationships are kept away from public knowledge for privacy matters.

Meanwhile, people idolized him for a long time for his takes on queer media and works.

However, the fame has also brought much criticism as Somerton is being called out for his blatant misogyny and lesbophobia.

On the other hand, HBomberguy exposed the queer creator for theft of content from fellow trans bloggers.

James Somerton talks about gay men
Somerton belongs to the queer community. (Source: Twitter)

According to reports, Somerton plagiarized gay activists and scholars who died of AIDS.

Similarly, people accused the YouTuber of reeling in profit by putting the queer community on the pedestal.

Additionally, viewers add that even while talking about the gay male experience, James Somerton stole the narrative of others.

Further, in his video titled Killing Stalking and The Romancing of Abuse, Somerton tried to frame women as the gay murderer’s admirers.

Now, as discourse heats up over Twitter, Somerton faces severe backlash and consequences for his actions.

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YouTuber Faces Backlash: Somerton’s Sudden Absence From Social Media

After the release of HBomberguy’s video, James Somerton deactivated all his social handles.

Soon after the release, the creator made a post on Patreon expressing his loss for words at the situation.

Moreover, he claimed that he would work hard to regain the trust of his viewers.

In addition, many brought his past biased statements forward, causing significant damage.

James Somerton on Youtube
Somerton often talked about Marvel comics. (Source: Twitter)

After a series of accusations, Somerton deactivated his Discord and Twitter accounts.

Now, the situation has unfolded to the next level as many accuse the YouTuber of running away from his actions.

Many of his subscribers say they do not want to engage with Somerton’s future content.

As a direct hit of the controversy, Somerton has lost a significant number of subscribers on his channel.

Further, his fans have taken the chance to express their disbelief and disappointment.

Before taking a leave from social platforms, Somerton revealed he was in a terrible headspace to deal with such problems.

Currently, Plagiarism and You(Tube) by HBomberguy has over 27 million views.

With many people taking information from the 4 hour-long content, Somerton continues to receive negative comments.

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