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Jamie Bernstein Children: Meet Daughter Frankie Jay Thomas And Son Evan

Jamie Bernstein is the daughter of legendary musician Leonard Bernstein and actress Felicia Montealegre, and she is no less than her father when it comes to involving her children in music.

Jamie Bernstein is a writer, author, filmmaker, and broadcaster with a website where she shares all her works.

Among many of her books that stand out the most is her book about her father, Famous Father Girl: A Memoir For Growing Up Bernstein.

Her films also show her immense talent; she has co-directed Crescendo: The Power Of Music.

Like her father, Leonard Bernstein, Jamie Bernstein has also made a great name for herself, and now people wonder about her life and children just like they did about her.

Musical Motherhood: Jamie Bernstein And Her Two Beautiful Children

Jamie Bernstein married David Thomas in 1984, but the couple faced various problems.

The couple parted ways soon after Jamie’s legendary father, Leonard Bernstein, died in 1990.

Jamie Bernstein children
Jamie Bernstein is a passionate musician who loves seeing her children perusing the same. (Source: Instagram)

Jamie Bernstein has two children, and both of them are from her ex-husband, David Thomas.

Her eldest daughter is Frankie Jay Thomas and her youngest is her son, Evan Thomas.

She was always a very devoted mother and was always very involved in all of her children’s school activities.

As a child of a musician, Jamie knew that she could also be a significant influence on her children when it came to music.

She decided to start a music program at her daughter’s preschool.

Jamie Bernstein posing
Jamie Bernstein has many people praising her for her efforts to keep her father’s legacy going. (Source: Instagram)

What started as a small school initiative surprisingly became huge.

The music program that Jamie Bernstein started at her children’s preschool led to the start of The Bernstein Beat.

Ever since the start of The Bernstein Beat, many young musicians have been able to pursue their passion for music.

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Jamie Bernstein’s Musical Legacy: Family, Music And Privacy

The Bernstein Beat also resembles Jamie’s father Leonard’s Young People Concerts.

This program mainly introduced young people like her own kids to music.

The music program not only made it possible for Jamie Bernstein to reach many countries but also made her closer to her children.

It has come to reports that Jamie’s daughter Frankie and son Evan are also very much into music, like her mother and grandfather.

However, Jamie respects the privacy of her daughter, Frankie, and son Evan.

Jamie Bernstein wiki
Jamie Bernstein has repeatedly proved how much she admires her father, Leonard Bernstein. (Source: Instagram)

She does not force them to come out in the media or do anything they do not want.

Since Jamie also does not share her personal life apart from her father’s legacy.

Which is why it is hard to know what the children of Jamie Bernstein are up to.

It is safe to say a mother like Jamie Bernstein must have raised very wonderful and talented children.

It is their choice to decide when they want to come forward in the media with their mother.

They must be proud of Jamie for doing so much for music and maintaining her father’s legacy.

Further, they may also be very proud to be the grandchildren of Leonard Bernstein.

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