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Jamie Crick Illness And Health Before Death: What Disease Did He Had?

This article revolves around Jamie Crick illness and health before his death. Jamie Crick was a British radio broadcaster who recently died.

Crick, a native of London, attended Christ’s School for his education. He continued his education at the University of Westminster and received a BA in Communication and Media Studies. 

He spent three years as a presenter at County Sound Radio in Guildford to start his career. He then moved to a position at BBC Radio 3 as a producer and broadcaster.

He joined Jazz FM on Bauer Media UK in 2014. He began as a guest presenter and then assumed control of the Jazz FM Breakfast program. 

He switched to the afternoon drive time slot in 2016, a position he kept while hosting the station’s most well-liked program.

Many people were intrigued by the death of Jamie because they were interested in learning more about his life and death. 

Read on to discover more about Jamie Crick Illness which has often been looked up online after his passing. 

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Jamie Crick Illness And Health Before Death

Jamie Crick Illness has been a topic of interest for people after his death news was revealed. The 57-year-old Jazz FM and Scala Radio host Jamie Crick died unexpectedly following a brief illness.

Jamie started his radio career 1988 at County Sound in Guildford, Surrey. He then spent a few years at BBC Radio before joining Classic FM in 1993, where he stayed for 20 years. 

Jamie was last on-air at Jazz FM yesterday afternoon. He began working for Jazz FM in 2014, hosting the morning and afternoon drives.

Jamie Crick Illness
Jamie Crick illness details have been a topic of interest for people after his death was revealed. (Source: Metro)

In addition to his Jazz FM program, Jamie held a show on LBC and a weekend show on Scala Radio. 

He established one of the UK’s first digital radio services, Gaydar Radio, where he also served as Station Director and was a founder and Content Director at the theater station Encore Radio.

His family posted news of his tragic passing on Tuesday morning on social media and on Jazz FM this afternoon. 

What Disease Did Jamie Crick Have?

After a brief illness (what illness he was suffering from is not exactly mentioned), he passed away on August 29, 2023, the day after airing his final program on Jazz FM. 

Jamie Crick was a broadcaster through and through, and he was a key member of Jazz FM and Scala Radio, a spokeswoman for the stations said.

His coworkers at Jazz FM, Scala Radio, and the larger Bauer Media organizations all regarded him as a close friend. They will miss him dearly, along with his listeners and friends.

“While they all adjust to Jamie’s untimely departure, our radio stations will continue to air the music he loved in his honor every day. In the near future, they will pay tribute in the appropriate manner.

“At this difficult time, our deepest sympathies are with his family and loved ones.”

Jamie Crick illness
Sadly, 57-year-old radio host Jamie Crick passed away. (Source: On The Radio)

He began working for Jazz FM’s sister station Scala Radio in 2019 as soon as it launched. He ran a show there that was devoted to his second love, musical theater music. 

Jamie’s radio career began in 1988 with County Sound, a Guildford, Surrey-based radio station. After a brief stint at BBC Radio, he began a 20-year employment at Classic FM in 1993.

Jamie formerly worked as a broadcaster on LBC and was key in launching two pioneering digital stations in the UK: Gaydar Radio and Encore Radio, which specialized in theatrical music.

He appeared on many TV panel games and the ITV1 breakfast show, expanding his presence beyond radio. 

Additionally, he co-hosted live broadcasts from London’s famed Royal Albert Hall for Sky Arts TV. The family will announce the funeral plans and obituary for Jamie Crick. 

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