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Jan Ravnik Partner: Is Taylor Swift’s Backup Dancer Single?

Swifties have developed a major crush on one of Taylor’s backup dancers, Jan Ravnik. But does Jan Ravnik have a partner that the world does not know about?

Taylor’s tour, which started in June 2023 and ended in August 2023, was trending across social media platforms.

And towards the end of the tour, her fans started developing a major crush on Jan Ravnik.

This was due to Jan Ravnik’s frequent dance appearance right beside Taylor Swift.

Since his videos are being circulated heavily on social media, people are keen to know about Jan and his relationship status.

Jan Ravnik has now garnered over 255k followers on his Instagram, thanks to the newfound popularity amongst Taylor Swift’s fans.

Among all the garnered fame, Jan Ravnik has his fans talking about his partner.

Jan Ravnik Partner: Is Taylor Swift’s Backup Dancer Single?

Jan Ravnik seems to be mum about his relationship status so far through his social media.

Further, there are not any pictures of him with girls that would hint at him being in a relationship.

Most of Jan Ravnik’s posts are of him dancing or choreographing. Recently, though, all of his posts are about Taylor Swift’s tour.

Hence, fans are confused about whether or not Jan Ravnik has a partner.

Jan Ravnik’s social media not providing any hints about his partner or relationship status has made fans even more restless.

The talks about Jan Ravnik partner is trending on social media
Jan Ravnik moved to the United States to grow his career as a dancer. (Source: Instagram)

However, this could be a clever tactic as well from Jan Ravnik to gain more followers by indicating he does not have a partner.

This is a play that most celebrities use to garner more attention.

Jan Ravnik seems to have learned that as well, as he has not stated anything about his partner.

Moreover, the curiosity amongst fans about Jan Ravnik’s sexual orientation has also grown very much. Some fans even believe him to be gay.

This rumor of him being gay could be due to his suggestive dance moves on stage. And despite these rumors, Jan Ravnik has been silent throughout.

Jan Ravnik is steadfast regarding not revealing anything about his private life, relationship status, and potential partner.

This has kept fans guessing as more and more posts regarding him flood Instagram and TikTok.

Some of these fan-made videos are even re-posted by Jan on his Instagram.

This indicates that he likes the attention that he is getting. And all the more power to him for that.

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Who Is Jan Ravnik? Life and Career Details

Except for the rumors and speculation on the partner of Jan Ravnik, people are also keen to know more about him.

There is not much public information about Jan Ravnik. However, he is Slovenian.

He was born and raised in Slovenia and got his initial involvement in dancing via participation in dance tournaments.

Jan had an interest in theatrics, and hence, he eventually went on to pursue dance as his career, too.

Some news portal even reports that he was the Best Dancer in Slovenia. He even earned accolades from the Slovenian Olympic Committee.

Jan Ravnik doing a photoshoot in a white attire
Jan Ravnik’s performances on Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ and his appearance in the concert film have propelled him to popularity. (Source: Instagram)

This is quite a major feat to have and showcases the pure talent that Jan Ravnik possesses.

Initially, he performed with other major celebrities like Bruno Mars, DJ Khalid, Luis Fonsi, and more.

This shows that to get to fame as of now, he has had to work hard by taking one step at a time.

Further, judging by his social media posts and also with his participation with Taylor, it can be said that Jan does have a good future ahead.

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