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Janeisha John Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is Ex Miss US Virgin Islands?

Netizens are curious about the personal life of an American model, Janeisha John. So, let’s discover the details and Wikipedia of Ex Miss Us Virgin Island Janeisha John.

Janeisha John, trending for her Instagram account, janeisha_missvi, is a model and producer.

Further, her modeling content has earned her over 220,000 followers on social media.

She has produced several reality shows, including The Real Blac Chyna, Joseline’s Cabaret, and Tokyo Toni’s Finding Love ASAP!

Janeisha competed in Miss America 2008 and Miss Universe 2010, and she was named Miss US Virgin Islands.

Moreover, Janeisha John is one of the most anticipated celebrities in America, so people are searching for his Wikipedia and personal details.

Janeisha John Wikipedia, Age: Exploring Her Personal Life 

With his growing popularity, netizens are trying to find the Wikipedia of Janeisha John for her details.

Unfortunately, it is unavailable at the moment.

Janeisha John was born on December 3 on the island of St. Croix, USVI, at 6 months old.

As of now, she is 35 years old and has three siblings, with whom she lived for about 20 years and separated due to family problems.

Further, she has featured her parents and three sisters, Jermaine, Janella, and DJ MoJo, on Instagram.

Janeisha John with her Dad on Red carpet.
Janeisha has three siblings and a healthy family life. (Source: Instagram)

Although With Caribbean parents, Janeisha has always remained active and instilled the importance of family, hard work, and creativity.

Janeisha has done it, from dancing, gymnastics, playing sports, taekwondo, playing the alto sax, and modeling.

Janeisha currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she is furthering her TV hosting, modeling, and acting career.

Meanwhile, Janeisha John does not share much information with the media for privacy reasons, so people demand a Wikipedia page for her.

Janeisha Johns’ journey to success created shocking news throughout social media and made viewers enthusiastic to learn more.

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Unraveling The Journey Of Janeisha John

Janeisha Johns’ journey to becoming a successful American model was not a piece of cake for her.

The early struggles led her life to a miserable situation where she even decided to give up on her career.

Moreover, with her skills and family support, Janeisha started modeling, and her breakthrough came in 2008 in Miss America.

She featured as a model in several music videos for Wale ft. Usher, Kid Ink ft. Fetty Wap, Daddy Yankee, Jessie J, and Nick Cannon.

Janeisha John in a Halloween costume.
Janesiha John is active on social media often. (Source: Instagram)

Also, Janeisha is mostly known in the community for participating in pageants, such as Ms. Virgin Islands Pride, Ms. St. Croix, Ms. University of the Virgin Islands, and Miss America U.S. Virgin Islands.

Her most popular title is Miss US Virgin Islands Universe 2010 and the 87th annual Miss America Pageant.

Later, Janeisha came on National television in the four-part reality series Miss America Reality Check on TLC.

Janeisha John currently hosts TEMPO, a former MTV-affiliated Caribbean network about pageantry.

Janeisha John on a purple dress looking fabalous.
Janeisha loves dresses and luxury items for collection. (Source: Instagram)

She is the official host of the Miss St. Croix pageant and has also done Red Carpet correspondence for Project.

Further, for the Children Uniting Nations, the Oscar Viewing Party in Beverly Hills rolled as a chief host at CBS TV-2 news station.

Nevertheless, Janeisha John continued to showcase her enthusiasm as a host, which caught the eyes of the viewers who demanded her Wikipedia.

Regarding her earnings, netizens are left in suspense and mystery, which she has not yet opened up about publicly.

However, sources justify that her net worth as a host and social influencer is more than a million dollars.

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