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Meet Carrie Rodgers, Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Sister: Family & Career

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has gained a massive following, thanks to the series, making the fans more curious about her, including her sister, who looks almost identical.

Janelle Brown was born on May 6, 1969, and gained fame by starring in the American reality television series Sister Wives, where she was the wife of Kody Brown.

Janelle and Kody married in 1993 and welcomed six children: four sons, Hunter Elias, Logan Taylor, Robert Garrison, and Gabriel, and two daughters, Savanah and Madison Rose.

However, rumors circulated that Janelle and Kody divorced in mid-2022.

They officially confirmed the rumors in December of the same year and announced their separation.

They ended their relationship after being together for over 29 years and appearing in several show seasons.

Now, fans have started to dig into her family details, starting from the sister of Janelle Brown, who is garnering attention for being her twin.

Meet Carrie Rodgers, Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Sister, And Their Parents

Janelle Brown introduced her sister to the viewers with a picture from their trip to Portugal.

Captioned “Sunset cruise on the river Tagus last night,” she and her sister, Carrie Rodgers, are seen together in a boat.

The picture alone makes them look almost identical, like twin sisters, but they are not.

Carrie and Janelle are biological sisters born two years apart.

Janelle Brown Sister Carrie Rodgers
Janelle Brown and her sister Carrie Rodgers in a boat (Source: Instagram)

However, unlike Janelle Brown, who has been a part of polygamy with Kody in the TV show Sister Wives, her sister Carrie isn’t a fan of polygamy.

It also seems like Carrie is not interested in being in the spotlight.

Moving on to their family, Carrie Rodgers and Janelle Brown were born to Robert Schriever and Sheryl Usher.

Their father, Robert, passed away in 1972 when Janelle Brown was just three.

Following his death, their mother, Sheryl, married her second husband, Merlin Fryer, but they eventually filed for divorce.

Years later, Sheryl joined a spiritual union with Kody Brown’s father, Winn Brown.

Sheryl and Winn remained in a married relationship until he died in 2013.

Seven years later, Sheryl peacefully passed away on her birthday, December 7, 2020, at the Billings St. Vincent Hospital.

The family never knew or practiced polygamy as they were Mormons until Janelle met Kody and Meri.

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Carrie Rodgers As A Fifth Wife: Rumors, Family & Career

When Carrie Rodgers was first introduced, many fans started to theorize that she could be the fifth wife of Kody.

Fans said that in the beginning of the Mormon religion, some practiced polygamy. They added that having five wives at least to achieve celestial paradise was necessary.

So, hoping to carry on the legacy, many began to say that Carrie would be Kody’s fifth wife.

However, as discussed earlier, she isn’t fond of polygamy. In fact, she is happily married to her husband, Terry Rodgers.

carrie rodgers and her husband
Carrie Rodgers with her husband, Terry Rodgers (Source: Facebook)

The couple has given birth to four children. However, their names or any other details regarding their birth remain undisclosed to the public.

Per TerTerry’scebook bio, he seems to be from Knightstown, Indiana, and currently lives in Highland, Utah.

He went to the University of Utah and seems to be a self-employed person.

But as for Carrie’s bio and other information like her educational background, she hasn’t made it public yet.

While her husband frequently posts about what he is doing, Carrie appears to be private and doesn’t like sharidoesn’t personal details.

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