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Jasmine Moss Waxing: Little Daughter Does Controversial Thing!!

Following Jasmine Moss Instagram photo of her daughter waxing an adult’s intimate area, internet users are outraged and have controversial opinions. Let us delve deeper into this matter.

Jasmine Moss is a licensed Black esthetician known as Jasminedemiracle on Instagram.

She is located around Memphis, a city in Tennessee.

An esthetician performs facials, chemical peels, body treatments, and waxing to promote skin health and beauty.

Netizens have recently taken notice of Moss, with varying opinions diverging from those held by her.

As Jasmine Moss posts her daughter waxing an adult’s private area on her Instagram, netizens rush to find details.

Jasmine Moss Waxing: Her Little Daughter Does Controversial Thing!!

Every individual’s post is considered a digital footprint in the digital era.

Similarly, Jasmine Moss has garnered significant attention for her recent Instagram post.

Jasmine Moss uploaded a picture of her daughter, who is not yet a teenager, waxing the private area of an adult female.

Jasmine Moss daughter waxing post caption
Moss’s daughter is not yet a teenager. (Source: Twitter)

With the caption, Moss posted,

When I say I’m passing down the Deeds and LLCs to my creation I mean that. Ms. Khloe did her thang today. She literally helped me wax 24 clients starting from 7:23-5pm. She made a total of $744 and I’m going to put the money towards whatever her future dreams and aspirations are

However, this action left many netizens in shock as they voiced their opinions in the comments and shared them on X (formerly Twitter).

With numerous negative comments, one of them reads, “Ain’t no way this dizzy bop got her kid waxing grown ass woman kittie cat…..”

Moreover, some even claim that instructing kids in entrepreneurship takes an adverse turn.

Jasmine Moss daughter waxingg
Moss had a lot of clients before the controversy. (Source: Twitter)

Some people argue that Moss is imparting business ethics to her daughter.

But they contend it goes too far since she is just a child.

Nevertheless, faced with a barrage of negative comments, Moss deactivated her Instagram account.

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Details About Moss And Her Business: Jazzy Body LLC

Jasmine Moss Instagram post featuring her child waxing has caused a stir on the internet.

As the post went viral, many netizens became curious about Moss and her business.

Facebook comment about Jasmine
Moss has been receiving negative comments on her business account. (Source: Facebook)

As stated earlier, Moss is a licensed esthetician who performs treatments like waxing, facials, body treatments, and more.

However, there is limited information available about her online as she recently went viral on the internet.

According to her Instagram bio, Moss is a married woman and a mother of three children.

Shifting to her business, Moss has garnered a lot of praise from satisfied clients who not only appreciate her work but also recommend her services to others.

Jasmine's Instagram comments
Moss has 651 followers on her business page. (Source: Instagram)

However, things turned when Jasmine Moss posted a photo of her daughter waxing adult women and praised her.

The backlash from numerous netizens in the comments compelled her to delete all her social media handles.

However, her business Instagram page remains active, and netizens have taken over the comment section.

Nevertheless, despite the questionable decision to involve her child in waxing clients, it’s crucial to consider that Jasmine Moss may impart ethical values.

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