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Jaswant Singh Gill Wikipedia, Death: The Man From Mission Raniganj

The Hindi thriller Mission Raniganj received positive reviews for the exact portrayal of Jaswant Singh Gill, whose heroic deed inspires many. So, fans are curious to learn about Jaswant Singh Gill personally through his Wikipedia.

Jaswant Singh Gill, a man with many talents, was an Indian mining engineer from Sathiala in Amritsar, Punjab.

He was one of the daring engineers celebrated for his heroic achievements, which led him to earn India’s highest civilian gallantry award, Sarvottam Jeevan Raksha Padak.

Moreover, Jaswant has inspired the story behind the Bollywood blockbuster Mission Raniganj, a 2023 movie by Tinu Suresh Desai.

Thanks to the movie, fans learned about Jaswant Singh and his family, who were far away from the spotlight.

Now, people are scouring the internet for the Wikipedia page of Jaswant Singh Gill to know every detail the movie might have missed.

Jaswant Singh Gill Wikipedia: Family And Education Background

Jaswant Singh Gill was an ordinary citizen before his selflessness in the coal mine. So Wikipedia has yet to dedicate a page for Jaswant Singh Gill.

However, that should not blur his deed, as we have covered you.

Born on November 22, between 1935 and 1939, Jaswant Singh Gill is the son of Daswandha Singh Gill and Sardarni Preetam Kaur Gill.

His father worked as a senior clerk in Amritsar’s postal department. Meanwhile, his mother seems to be a housewife.

Jaswant Singh with his specs
Jaswant Singh Gill was a social worker who built a hospital for the poor and needy in Amritsar. (Source: Twitter)

As for siblings, Jaswant Singh Gill was the fourth child among his two sisters and brothers, whose names are still unknown.

Meanwhile, Jaswant always had a keen interest in learning, so he completed his higher-level schooling at Khalsa College Public School.

To enrich his knowledge, he also completed a BSc. in a non-medical background.

Later, he graduated in 1965 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mining from the Indian School of Mines in Dhanbad, Jharkhand.

Further, he was married to Nirdosh Kaur Gill for 50 years, with whom he shared four children.

It includes two daughters, Poonam and Hina Gill, and two sons, Sarpreet and Randip Gill, who loved and respected their parents.

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Story Behind The Man From Mission Raniganj

The Wikipedia page of Jaswant Singh Gill is incomplete without the accomplishments that made him who he is today. So here it is.

After graduating, Jaswant joined Chand Thapar & Bros (coal Sles) Ltd. before entering Coal India Limited as an engineer.

This became a turning point in Jaswant’s life and career as he was nearing the incident that made him rise to prominence.

With all his efforts and dedication, Jaswant became the engineer-in-chief of Coal India Limited.

Later, in 1989, he was posted in Raniganj, West Bengal, when the incident occurred at a coal mine where 220 miners were working.

People standing by the side of capsule made by Jaswant
The capsule made by Jaswant also had another name “Mahabir Capsule.” (Source: Twitter)

On November 13, around 4 a.m., an underground water table blasted, leading to the overflooding of the cave-ins where miners were working.

The overflow led to the death of six on the spot.

Meanwhile around 149 miners near the lift were able to escape, leaving behind 65 miners at 320 feet depth.

When Jaswant heard the news, he gathered a team and came up with the idea of a rescue steel capsule, known as “The Capsule Gill” today.

He took only about three hours to complete the capsule with the help of local wielders. 

The capsule had a safety valve, an oxygen cylinder, and a telephone.

Meanwhile, Jaswant tried the capsule to ensure safety and followed the process by taking a miner at a time through the borehole.

Mission Raniganj poster with Akshay Kumar on it
Mission Raniganj was able to capture the essence of the story to the fullest. (Source: Twitter)

Lastly, he successfully rescued the 65 miners by spending around 48 hours in the capsule.

Thus, the life and deeds of Jaswant Singh Gill became an inspiration for Mission Raniganj, which is worthy of mention in his Wikipedia.

Is The Hero Still Alive? Jaswant Singh Gill’s Death Details

The biopic dedicated to Jaswant Singh Gill did become a hit among netizens. However, the real-life hero could not watch it as he is no longer with us.

Jaswant Singh Gill died at the age of 80 on November 26, 2019, due to cardiac arrest in his home in Amritsar.

He was a beloved father and husband who dedicated his entire life to his family.

Meanwhile, we can see that even his family respected and loved him.

In an interview, Poonam said she always enjoyed watching her parents together and living their lives to the fullest.

Jaswant Gill poster in a wall
Jaswant has made a name for himself in the history of heroic deeds achieved by a citizen. (Source: Twitter)

Also, they loved the portrayal of Akshay Kumar in the movie, as Jaswant’s children said their father was exactly the same.

Moreover, it seems Akshay Kumar had a chance to meet with him, as the movie took six years to complete.

Nevertheless, Jaswant Singh Gill will be remembered as a hero for his courage. Let’s hope that Wikipedia will dedicate a page to him soon.

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