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Is Beth King Jayo Archer Wife Or Girlfriend? Relationship Details

The recent death news of motocross star Jayo Archer is making headlines all over the internet, while many are wondering if he had a wife or children. Let’s find out!

Jayo Archer is an X Games Medalist Jayo Archer and a Motocross Star who was born on December 18, 1996.

Archer, a prominent figure in the Australian motocross community, gained fame when he secured a sponsorship deal with Powersports Kawasaki at the age of 15.

He achieved significant recognition as the youngest rider to successfully complete a motorcycle backflip over a distance of 75 feet.

His talent was further acknowledged with a podium finish at the X Games in 2023, solidifying his status as one of the sport’s elite.

Unfortunately, Archer’s life was tragically cut short during a training session in his hometown of Melbourne, where he was practicing the triple backflip maneuver.

The ultimate passing of Jayo Archer has left many heartbroken, and many are concerned about his wife, children, and parents.

Similarly, as the news covers the internet, some netizens are asking if Beth King was the wife of Jayo Archer. Let’s find out.

Is Beth King Jayo Archer Wife Or Girlfriend? Relationship Details

After the death news of Jayo Archer, many netizens on the internet asked the question of whether Beth King was his wife or not.

However, as per the reports, Beth King is not the wife of Jayo Archer; however, she is his long term girlfriend.

Jayo Archer and Beth King were together until his death, and they were also planning to get married soon.

However, the death of Jayo Archer has left Beth King in pieces, as she has dreamed of becoming his wife.

Beth King with her boyfriend Jayo Archer.
Jayo Archer and Beth King were planning to marry soon. (Source: Instagram)

His death has left his family, friends, and fans shocked, while some are finding it hard to accept the fact.

There is not much information available regarding his parents and siblings, as he does not share many details about his family.

However, whoever his parents might be, they are undoubtedly grieving his passing.

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Death Reason And Carrer Details Of Jayo Archer

X Games medalist Archer passed away on Wednesday morning while practicing a triple backflip in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia.

Nitro Circus, an action sports collective of which Archer was a member, confirmed his death in a statement on Instagram.

In the statement, they said

The Nitro Circus family is mourning the loss of Jayo Archer. Jayo was the epitome of passion, hard work determination. He pushed what was possible on a dirt bike to heights never seen before. A positive influence to those around him. And above all else a great human being and friend to us all

According to ESPN, Archer served as an assistant mechanic for Nitro Circus for several years.

In November 2022, he became one of only three riders to execute the triple backflip for the first time successfully.

As per the reports, Jayo Archer died after an accident while practicing a triple backflip.

With his early interest in sports, he succeeded in becoming a popular personality.

He developed strong connections with fellow daredevils and enthusiasts, particularly through his association with the Nitro Circus family.

Jayo Archer holding gun.
Jayo Archer died at the age of 27. (Source: Instagram)

This group of like-minded individuals warmly embraced Archer as one of their own.

Archer’s interactions with Pastrana’s children throughout his training sessions in Maryland underscored the paternal role.

The motocross community, often likened to a tight-knit family, has come together to support Archer’s loved ones during this challenging period, providing comfort and solidarity amidst the tragic news.

Through their shared sorrow, it is evident that Archer’s influence reached beyond blood relations.

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