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Jean Muggli Wikipedia, Daughters: Where Is Michael Strahan Ex Wife Now?

The TV personality Michael Strahan has faced a fair share of inquiries into his personal life. This time, netizens are curious to learn more about his ex-wife, Jean Muggli, as searches for her Wikipedia increase.

Michael Anthony Strahan is an American television personality, journalist, and former professional football player.

Hailing from Huston, he played as a defensive end for the New York Giants of the NFL for 15 years.

Since retiring from the sport, Strahan has become a media personality and appears as a football analyst.

In addition to his career, the former football star is known for having a troublesome relationship with his ex-wife, Jean Muggli.

As she continues to draw attention, people shift their attention to the Wikipedia of Jean Muggli to learn more about her background.

Jean Muggli Wikipedia: Mother Of Twin Daughters And Scandalous Divorce

Jean Muggli is renowned for her association with Micheal Strahan, a notable portion of her Wikipedia.

Born on November 30, 1964, Muggli spent most of her childhood in Carson, North Dakota.

Moreover, she was born into a military family as her father, Anthony Alphonse, served for the country.

Jean Muggli stands beside her husband
Muggli showcased violent and abusive behaviors. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, Muggli’s mother cared for her and her five siblings as a homemaker.

During her teen years, her family moved to New York, where Muggli completed her higher education.

Despite being known for her marriage, the Wikipedia of Jean Muggli lacks in-depth information about her professional life.

Similarly, Strahan claimed that he met Muggli while she worked at a wellness spa.

The pair eventually married in 1999 and welcomed their twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia, a few years later.

Currently, the daughters have grown up to be sophisticated women with remarkable achievements in education and careers.

Additionally, Isabella has signed with the modeling agency Women 360 while Sophia is attending Duke University.

Twin daughters of Jean with their father
Muggli lost custody of her twin daughters. (Source: Twitter)

The twins have also been competitive horse riders, taking home blue ribbons from several East Coast shows.

However, their family faced challenges as Muggli filed for divorce on charges of domestic abuse.

Moreover, the court ordered Strahan to pay $15.3 million plus $18k monthly in child support.

Following such a disastrous split, Muggli’s life took a drastic turn for the wrong reasons.

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Where Is Michael Strahan Ex Wife Now? Serving Time In Jail For Violations

To add to her Wikipedia, Jean Muggli has been involved in several controversies and disputes.

After her custodial battle with Strahan, accusations emerged, pointing to Muggli as the culprit of physical and emotional abuse towards her daughters.

Further, her ex-husband revealed that she hindered their participation in school sports and competitions.

Jean smiling with her husband
Muggli filed for divorce due to domestic violence. (Source: Twitter)

The case settlement took years, and the pair parted on a bitter-sweet note.

Soon, they began dating other people while Muggli harassed and humiliated her former friend, Marianne Ayer.

Moreover, Ayer accused her friend of handing out topless photos to passersby near her house.

Further, Muggli was abusive to her pets and even threatened to kill a friend with a toy gun.

The authorities issued an order of protection for Ayer against her former friend.

Similarly, the victim claimed that the two women had been friends and neighbors in New Jersey for years.

Michael Strahan poses with his wife
Muggli demanded a huge amount of money from her ex-husband. (Source: Twitter)

Despite the order, things escalated quickly as Muggli showcased abusive behavior towards Ayer’s son.

Later, authorities in New York City arrested Muggli on June 25, 2021, and she faced criminal contempt charges.

Muggli has not been able to bounce back from her troublesome past with her closest companions.

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