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Jedidiah Jenkins Wikipedia: Is The Writer Sophia Bush Brother?

People really want to read the Wikipedia page of Jedidiah Jenkins because they’re curious about what it’s like to leave your job and chase your dreams, just like he did.

Jedidiah Jenkins is a popular guy who is known for writing awesome books. He’s been all over the internet because of his adventures and the interesting stuff he writes.

He gained fame for one of his notable works, which revolves around a topic known as Kony 2012. This writer used to write about trips and stuff, but then he made his own life into a big adventure.

Additionally, people love reading about it because he discovered a lot about himself and figured out the meaning of life, or at least his purpose in life.

Loads of folks want to know more about him, like where he came from and what he’s all about. That’s why everyone’s searching for the Wikipedia page of Jedidiah Jenkins to get all the details.

Jedidiah Jenkins Wikipedia: Age And Family Detail

Many people are eager to find information about Jedidiah Jenkins on Wikipedia to learn more about his life. However, it seems there isn’t a dedicated Wikipedia page for him, leaving many of his admirers disappointed.

Born in 1981, making him 41 as of 2023, Jedidiah Jenkins is a native of Nashville, USA. He was raised by his parents, Peter and Barbara Jenkins.

Moreover, growing up, he shared his childhood with siblings Rebekah, Luke, Brooke, Aaron, and Julianne.

Jedidiah Jenkins with his wife holding hands
Ruthie Lindsey is an author, speaker, activist, podcast host, and media figure (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Jedidiah holds American nationality and identifies with the Caucasian ethnicity. Additionally, he follows the Christian religion.

Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, Jedidiah is not gay. In an Instagram post, he candidly revealed that he once feared being labeled ‘gay’ during his childhood.

Similarly, Jedidiah Jenkins has married his longtime girlfriend-turned-wife, Ruthie Lindsey. Unfortunately, there’s no available information about the date of their wedding.

Similarly, the couple often shares glimpses of their life on social media, but details about their children remain undisclosed.

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Is Jedidiah Jenkins Sophia Bush’s Brother?

There is no dedicated Wikipedia page for Jedidiah Jenkins, so information about his family or personal life is limited. This has led people to wonder about his background.

A rumor about Sophia Bush having a sibling relationship with Jedidiah has been circulating. However, according to her Wikipedia page, she is the only child of her parents.

However, she and Jedidiah share a close bond that seems like a brother-sister relationship, even though they aren’t related by blood.

Jedidiah Jenkins holding book with sophia
Sophia finished the trip with Jedidiah in Patagonia (Source: Instagram)

This idea persists because they are frequently seen together and share many memories. In one of Sophia Bush’s Facebook posts, she referred to Jedidiah as her brother, sparking fan curiosity.

Moreover, Sophia expressed the honor of being part of two phases of Jedidiah’s journey and the supreme honor of finishing the trip with him in Patagonia. 

Regrettably, the public is unaware of how they met and forged their special bond.

Despite the lack of clarity, it’s clear that they’re in the same friend group and adore each other, and this has led to the persistent question of whether they are related.

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Jedidiah Jenkins Education And Career

Jedidiah Jenkins went to the University of Southern California from 2001 to 2005, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. Then, he went to Pepperdine Law in 2005 and got his Doctor of Law degree in 2008.

After finishing his education, Jedidiah started working. Since September 2008, he’s been the Director of Idea Development and Ideology at Invisible Children Inc.

Additionally, he has made a mark as a Book Author at Penguin Random House, contributing to notable works.

Jedidiah black and white smiling
Jedidiah Jenkin’s life and writings testify to the power of external and internal exploration (Source: Instagram)

Some of his works are Mother, Nature: A 5,000-Mile Journey, and To Shake the Sleeping Self: A Journey from Oregon to Patagonia, A Quest for a Life with No Regret.

Likewise, it also includes Mother, Nature: A 5,000-Mile Journey to Discover if a Mother and Son Can Survive Their Differences.

Jedidiah Jenkins is successful, and people estimate his net worth to be around $18 million. He made this money from being an author and entrepreneur.

Despite all this, many people still don’t know much about him, so having a Wikipedia page for Jedidiah Jenkins would be really helpful.

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