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Jeff Glanda Wikipedia: American Monster Lake Placid Wife Killer

The American Monster episode on Lake Placid and the horrifying crimes of Jeff Glanda have brought the attention of netizens to the culprit’s Wikipedia. Find out the details of the murder case and the people involved in this article!

Jeff Glanda, born in Tupper Lake in 1950, was a remarkable figure in the community before committing the crime.

He worked as a court stenographer for Essex County, which earned him enough fortune to sustain a family.

However, problems in his marital life led to Jeff plotting the murder of his estranged wife, Jeannine.

Over the years, many stories related to the case have emerged, capturing people’s attention and providing several perspectives.

Moreover, season 9, episode 15 of the non-fiction TV series American Monster featured the murder.

Following the exposure, viewers were curious to learn more about the mastermind behind the crime, Jeff Glanda, and his Wikipedia.

Jeff Glanda Wikipedia: Meet American Monster Lake Placid Wife Killer

Many keen on learning about Jeff Glanda were disappointed to discover that he doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Due to the lack of Wikipedia, there is less information regarding Jeff Glanda and his family background.

Regardless, reports reveal that Jeff was the son of Thomas Glanda and Agatha Stone.

Jeff Glanda wife with her oldes son
Jeff did not want custody of his children after the divorce.

Furthermore, legal constraints have concealed details regarding his educational status and employment.

However, it is known that Jeff married Jeannine about two years after they got to know each other.

Moreover, Jeannine used to work as a pharmacist in Elizabethtown, New York, when she met her husband.

She was a caring person who often went out of her way to care for others.

Similarly, the couple had settled in Lake Placid, New York, with their two children, Tyler and Jordan.

During the time of Jeannine’s murder, Jeff had been living with his girlfriend, Cheri Lindsay, in the family home.

Jeff Glanda being transferred to State prison
Jeff had affairs with several women during his married life. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, he denied any connection to the crime and revealed that he was going through a troubling divorce with his ex-wife.

Later, the police arrested Jeff after he hit a patrol vehicle and injured an officer during a police chase.

While serving his life sentence, Jeff Glanda was found dead in a state facility, which further sparked the interest of many towards his potential Wikipedia.

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A Selfish Murder: Jeff’s Motive And Accomplice Details

The police investigations for the murder began when a passerby noticed some of Jeannine’s belongings near a lake.

Furthermore, the authorities learned that her family had already reported her missing.

This prompted an immediate search warrant, and authorities sent divers into the lake for a thorough investigation.

The wife of Jeff Glanda in a blue dress
Jeannine’s family described her as a kind soul.

Later, rescuers fished out the 39-year-old pharmacist and her vehicle from the Essex County lake.

The initial reports hinted at signs of drowning, but there were also pieces of evidence of manual strangling.

Furthermore, they found Jeannine on the passenger’s side of the vehicle, and someone had left the car in neutral.

Police questioned Jeff, but he denied any involvement with her death, leading to the interception of Nicholas Pecararo.

Additionally, Pecararo was a handyman in the area and a family friend of the Glandas.

As investigators looked into the motive of the murder, the accomplice disclosed that Jeff wanted his wife dead for selfish reasons.

Similarly, he didn’t want to take the financial hit of the divorce and refrained from taking custody of their kids.

Jeannine Glanda picture from young age
The Glanda children are still coping with the death of their parents. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Pecararo claimed that the plotting for the murder had taken days.

Now, the crime documentaries of the murder have framed Jeff as a manipulative and controlling person.

Additionally, such claims were verified by his oldest son, who continues to grieve the loss of his mother.

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