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Jelly Roll Brother: Who Are Scott And Roger DeFord? Sister Shelby

Due to the limited information available about Jelly Roll siblings and family, people have begun speculating and questioning who the brother and sister of Jelly Roll are.

Jason DeFord, known professionally as Jelly Roll, has captivated the music industry since 2003, leaving an indelible mark as a rapper, singer-songwriter, and composer.

In 2011, Jelly Roll and Lil Wyte co-wrote the song Pop Another Pill. The song garnered over 6.3 million YouTube views, catapulting him into the public eye.

His music seamlessly blends hip-hop, country, rock, and alternative genres, garnering him a dedicated fan base.

Throughout his career, Jelly Roll has collaborated with renowned artists such as Lil Wyte, Struggle Jennings, Haystak, and Tech N9ne.

Additionally, Rolling Stone magazine has hailed him as the voice of a generation, praising his unique fusion of rap, country, and rock.

Recently, fans have eagerly sought information about the personal life of Jelly Roll, particularly inquiring about his brother and sister.

Jelly Roll Brother: How Many Siblings Does Jelly Roll Have? 

Fans have recently shown a growing curiosity about Jelly Roll’s family background, particularly regarding the number of siblings he has.

Jelly Roll hails from a family of four, consisting of two brothers named Scott and Roger, and a sister named Shelby.

Despite their relation to a well-known personality, Jelly Roll’s siblings prefer to maintain a private life and avoid public attention.

Jelly roll is beach with his brother
Jelly Roll is the youngest son of the family (Source: Facebook)

Very little is known about their personal lives, as they have deactivated their social media accounts and declined media interviews.

However, they maintain a strong family bond despite pursuing different career paths and personal interests.

While Scott, Roger, and Shelby haven’t ventured into music like their brother, Jelly Roll, they have each achieved success in their respective fields.

Unfortunately, specific details about their professions and personal lives remain elusive due to their privacy preference.

Yet, Jelly Roll frequently showcases his bond with his siblings on his social media accounts mostly Facebook and Instagram.

Jelly Roll father holding his sister
Jelly Roll revealed his sister’s name in the Instagram post (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, recent discussions among fans have speculated about a possible familial relationship between Jelly Roll and Jessie Murph. Both artists, originating from Nashville, Tennessee, share a profound love for music.

Despite numerous online debates and TikTok videos attempting to link them as siblings, the evidence overwhelmingly refutes such claims.

Nevertheless, based on evidence and facts, they do not share a sibling relationship.

Beyond their curiosity about the siblings of Jelly Roll, fans also seek insights into his early life and upbringing alongside his brother and sister.

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Jelly Roll Parents and Family Details

Along with wanting to learn about the brother and sister of Jelly Rod people have also been curious about his parents.

Buddy Deford, Jelly Roll’s father, played a pivotal role in shaping his son’s life and career. Likewise, born on October 20, 1943, Buddy was a natural salesman.

Moreover, he was a prominent liberal who instilled anti-racist values in Jelly Roll. Tragically, Buddy succumbed to leukemia and passed away on March 20, 2019, at the age of 75.

Jelly Roll’s mother, Louise Monett, born on May 23, 1950, hailed from East Nashville. Additionally, Louise served as a domestic worker.

Jelly Roll with his brother and father standing all wearing black
Buddy DeFord was a role model for his children (Source: Facebook)

After some time, his parents divorced, leaving Louise to single-handedly raise three children. Despite the hurdles, she became instrumental in nurturing Jelly Roll’s passion for music.

These modest beginnings and the varied roles within the family significantly influenced Jelly Roll’s early life and shaped his artistic path.

Currently, Jelly Roll is married to Bunnie XO and is a father to two children. Bunnie XO, a successful entrepreneur and entertainment industry professional, owns Dumb Blonde Productions, hosts a podcast, and also works as a model.

Throughout his struggles with addiction and periods spent in jail, Jelly Roll’s family remained a steadfast support system.

These challenges have likely influenced his perspectives on love and family, making his present marital and family life even more meaningful to him.

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