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Jenna Ellis Disbarred News: Why Is She Out Fake Christian? Twitter Update

People are questioning if Jenna Ellis has been disbarred after she criticized the LGBTQ community on social media.

Jenna Ellis and other conservatives have intensified their anti-LGBTQ rhetoric in the wake of the shooting.

A shooter started shooting inside the LGBTQ nightclub Club Q on a Saturday. Heroic bystanders, including an army veteran who entered “combat mode” and assisted in saving “dozens and dozens of lives,” disarmed the shooter and brought him to justice. 

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers tragically stated that the attack had “all the trappings of a hate crime” and that it resulted in at least five fatalities and 25 injuries. However, he added that the official motive is “still under investigation.”

Jenna Ellis Disbarred News: What Did She Do?

Jenna Ellis, a former legal advisor to Donald Trump, was summoned this week by a judge in Colorado to testify before a grand jury looking into whether Trump and others attempted to sway Georgia’s 2020 presidential election illegally. 

Ellis, however, is online stigmatizing monkeypox and criticizing Rachel Maddow’s appearance instead of concentrating on her legal responsibilities.

Ellis has been criticizing the LGBTQ+ community on social media, however, rather than getting ready to testify before the grand jury. She shared the meme on her Instagram page on August 6. The picture features a baby, a man, an equal sign, a woman, and a plus sign.

Below that are several men separated by plus signs, then the word “monkeypox” is followed by an equal sign. “Where’s the lie,” she wrote as the image’s caption.

Why Is Jenna Ellis Out Fake Christian?

Jenna Ellis has been called out as a fake Christian on Twitter by a user who said that she was a worthless human, a fake Christian, a shitbird, and deserving of all the scorn she received for her insensitive remarks about the victims of the Colorado shooting.

Jenna Ellis being called out as a fake christian (Source: Twitter)

Following the shooting, conservatives, including Jenna Ellis, a former legal adviser to Donald Trump, have intensified their anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. 

Ellis tries to address “the left’s narrative” that focuses on “Christians hate homosexual and transgender individuals and somehow that ‘hate’ led to the shooting” in the description of her episode of The Jenna Ellis Show airing on Tuesday.

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After that, the description draws an absurd comparison between the Colorado shooting and abortion, posing the question, “Why aren’t leftists as angry at the murder of unborn children as they are at the murder of LGBTQ people?”

A few days later, Ellis listed her excuses for skipping the Conservative Political Action Conference on Instagram and Twitter.

Jenna Ellis gives excuses for skipping CPAC (Source: Instagram)

The event inclusion of the Log Cabin Republicans, a group of gay conservatives, a “MAGA” drag queen, and a chairman who accepted transgender athlete Lia Thomas’s use of the pronouns she/her.

Why Did Judge Gregory Lammons Order Ellis To Give Testimony

Judge Gregory Lammons ordered Ellis to travel to Georgia to give testimony after a hearing in Fort Collins on Tuesday. Fani Willis, the district attorney for Fulton County, had asked for his order.

But she has spent a lot of time since then criticizing the LGBTQ community on social media, including in a post where she seemed to compare gay men to monkeypox.

According to Associated Press reports, Ellis’s involvement in organizing and planning legislative hearings in Georgia and other states where fabricated allegations of election fraud were advanced is of interest to the prosecutors.

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Fulton County prosecutors have already made Ellis’ accommodations and travel arrangements so she can testify next Thursday. Ellis only needs to travel to the airport as a result.



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