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Is The DWTS S32 Cast Jenna Johnson Mormon? Recent Lifestyle Discussed

After people started noticing changes in the lifestyle of DWTS cast Jenna Johnson, they questioned whether or not she was still a Mormon. Let’s see if Jenna Johnson is still practicing Mormon.

Jenna Johnson is an American Latin and ballroom dancer and choreographer who was born on April 12, 1994. She was born in California but grew up in Provo, Utah.

Jenna Johnson gained recognition in 2013 when she finished as the ladies’ third runner-up on So You Think You Can Dance season 10.

Moreover, she is also a five-time U.S. National Latin Champion, U.S. National Youth 10 Dance Champion, and a three-time National Contemporary Winner.

Additionally, in 2012, she represented the United States at the World Latin Dance Championships.

Until now, Jenna has always identified herself as a Mormon.

However, there have been allegations that she may no longer be practicing her faith and has broken some of the rules typically followed by Mormons.

Let’s investigate whether Jenna Johnson is still a Mormon or if her beliefs have evolved.

Does Jenna Johnson Still Practice Mormon?

Jenna Johnson has long identified as a Mormon. The question of whether Jenna Johnson continues to follow the faith has been on people’s minds.

Mormonism is a group associated with individuals who follow the main branch of the Latter-Day Saint movement.

After marrying someone outside of the faith, people have speculated that Jenna Johnson might have distanced herself from her Mormon beliefs.

However, some observation on Reddit has suggested that she considers a more relaxed approach to her faith.

black and white picture of Jenne Johnson who is mormon and Val wedding while hugging and looking at each other
Jenna married Val, who is Jewish. (Source: Instagram)

For instance, Jenna and Val lived together before getting married, which opposes Mormon teachings.

Furthermore, Jenna married someone outside the Mormon faith since Val is Jewish. This difference in backgrounds may pose challenges for them.

These aspects indicate that Jenna may not strictly adhere to Mormon practices.

Although her family appears to hold some traditional beliefs, Jenna’s approach to her faith seems more open and flexible.

The main reason all the speculation started was because she was seen with a drink in her Instagram story once. This goes against Mormon teachings.

Later, it sparked curiosity about whether Jenna is still a Mormon.

Jenna and Val are together with a beautiful scenery at the background
Jenna Johnson, Whitney Carson, and Lindsay Arnold grew up in church. (Source: Instagram)

However, there has been no official announcement regarding Jenna’s change of religion.

So, she likely still identifies as a Mormon but may not be following it with strict dedication.

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Jenna Johnson’s Current Life: Changes and Balance

Jenna Johnson, the 29-year-old dancer, has been making some important lifestyle changes lately.

She’s been candid with her fans about her journey, especially regarding her eating habits and her role as a new mother.

Jenna and her husband, Val Chmerkovskiy, are embracing parenthood and finding a balance between work and taking care of their 8-month-old son, Rome.

After giving birth, Jenna returned to her ballroom dancing career with Tyson Beckford as her partner.

However, she admitted to some unhealthy eating habits she developed during pregnancy.

Jenne mirror selfie in black top and pant showing abs
Jenna shares her unhealthy pregnancy habit (Source: Instagram)

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, Jenna didn’t restrict her diet, but she decided to change her approach once she stopped breastfeeding.

She made a conscious effort to reduce processed sugar and opted for natural, nutritious foods.

Jenna also discovered the benefits of meal prepping, which made her feel less bloated and improved her skin.

Surprisingly, she didn’t need to make significant changes to her exercise routine to see these positive results.

Moreover, her journey shows how she’s been balancing her career, motherhood, and personal well-being.

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