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Meet Jennifer Degollado Sister Allayna Melody Degollado: Wikipedia And Age

The fame of Jennifer Degollado has increased significantly in the past few years, and with that, the interest in her sister has grown as well.

Jennifer Degollado is a Mexican-American artist specializing in cumbia, mariachi, and ranchera music, originally hailing from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

In 2010, Jennifer made her debut with the release of her music video Lo Que Mas Quiero.

In the video, she performed alongside her father, showcasing her vocal and accordion skills.

A year later, Jennifer collaborated with Fito Olivares on the song Asi, which climbed to the 39th position on the Billboard charts.

A few years later, in 2015, she released the single Sólo Contigo with Javier Rios from Los Invasores de Nuevo Leon, achieving an even higher ranking on the Billboard charts.

Since then, she has released several other songs and has been touring across the country.

Now, more and more interest is growing in the sister of Jennifer Degollado.

Meet Jennifer Degollado Sister Allayna Melody Degollado: Wikipedia And Age

Jennifer Degollado has lived a pretty low-key life, not sharing much about her details with the public.

It’s also the same case for the sister of Jennifer Degollado, who has remained mysterious for several years now.

The only mention of her sister is in a Facebook post from 2020, where she wished her sister Allayna Melody Degollado a happy birthday.

Jennifer Degollado with her sister
Jennifer Degollado is shorter than her sister, Allayna. (Source: Facebook)

Judging from that post, it seems like Allayna celebrates her birthday every February 5.

They look almost identical to each other, with the only difference being that Allayna is taller than Jennifer Degollado despite her being the little sister of Jennifer.

It also looks like the music genes are carried in the family since Allayna also has a talent for music.

Apart from that, she has great intelligence in addition to her sweet and understanding heart.

Since she is talented, Jennifer has also said that Allayna is preparing to reveal her voice to the public in the future. However, how long in the future is yet to be confirmed.

Besides these, there’s no other information on Allayna Melody Degollado. She is living a private life for now and enjoying herself.

But that might not remain permanent if Allayna or Jennifer gets more media attention, in turn increasing the spotlight on both of the sisters.

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Allayna Melody Degollado Father Is Part Of A Music Group

Allayna Melody Degollado is the daughter of Sergio Degollado, the lead vocalist of Control, a world-renowned music group with Gold and Platinum Record sales.

Control, also known as Grupo Control, is a regional Mexican group based in Houston, Texas.

They proudly refer to themselves as “Los Reyes de la Cumbia,” meaning “The Kings of Cumbia.”

Jennifer Degollado in red hat
Jennifer Degollado is the daughter of the lead singer of the famous music group Control. (Source: Instagram)

The group was founded by Sergio Alberto Degollado and José Guadalupe Degollado, both originally from Control, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

They made their full album debut in 1999 with Cumbias Sin Control under the EMI label.

They continued to release several albums through EMI, such as Control, Todo Bajo Control, Los Reyes de la Cumbia and more, which was a mix of new and previously released material.

Later, the group signed with Univision and released albums like Mas Control and Controlmania.

These songs featured chart-topping hits in the regional Mexican music scene.

Now Sergio, along with his daughter Jennifer Degollado, are touring across the country alongside Control.

Jennifer has said that she has no intentions of going on a solo career. However, she does have plans to release more music.

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