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Who Are Jeremiah Fennell Parents? Mother Lorraine And Father- 10 Years Old Journalist Viral On Internet

Lorraine and her husband are Jeremiah Fennell parents. The 11 years old aspires to become a Journalist, sportscaster, and businessman. On top of that, he wants to make his mom and dad proud.

Jeremiah Fennell is 11 years old and is already doing his dream job.

The NFL’s youngest reporter is making headlines. He went viral after he got an opportunity to be a sideline reporter for the Las Vegas Raiders, which is his favorite team.

Jeremiah was so sophisticated, professional, and knowledgable while interviewing Raiders wide receiver Devante Adams that you’d never guess he is just ten years old.

But where is the reporter from? Who are his parents? In today’s article, let’s explore the NFL’s youngest reporter’s personal life and family background.

Who Are Jeremiah Fennell Parents? Mother Lorraine And Father

Jeremiah Fennell is from Las Vegas, Nevada. His mother’s name is Lorraine Fennell. On the other hand, the identity of the Journalist’s dad is still a mystery.

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Might his parents also be from Las Vegas, Nevada? There are few details about the Fennell family’s origin. Moreover, the young sports reporter’s mom is a three-time stroke survivor.

Jeremiah Fennell parents
Jeremiah Fennell in an appearance on the Jennifer Hudson Show. (Image Source: YouTube)

Fennell’s Father is a senior citizen. The Las Vegas Raiders fan wasn’t expected to live, but he beat the odds.

Lorraine carried a high-risk pregnancy. But she was able to carry the pregnancy to term. Jeremiah was born alive despite having a breached delivery.

His obstetrician initially believed he had Down syndrome, but it was later determined that a gland caused the developmental delay in his brain.

Jeremiah Fennell Wants To Make His Parents Proud

In an appearance on the Jennifer Hudson Show on 10 February 2023, Jeremiah said most kids think their parents will be with them forever – at least for their childhood.

The young Journalist disclosed that his mother almost died when he was 5. Jeremiah said after not meeting his mom for a month, he prayed to God, saying if he brought his mom back, he would be the most incredible son that could ever be.

The cutest Journalist is a massive fan of The Las Vegas Raiders. The first NFL he watched was the Raiders game at two years old. The 11-year-old knew the team would always hold a special place in his heart.

Furthermore, Jeremiah Fennell’s journey into sports journalism stemmed from his inability to play sports. His brain defect and detached shoulder are significant obstacles.

However, he played football, tee-ball, and basketball for a year. Later he honed his craft in journalism and broadcasting.

Fennell created a YouTube channel in 2020. He explained his mother didn’t allow him to create a channel because the team was in California.

But after they moved back to Las Vegas, Lorraine gave her permission. “That was the start, but what’s motivating me is the desire to make my parents proud at a young age. Because my mom has serious health difficulties and my Father is a senior citizen,” Jeremiah Fennell explained.

Jeremiah Fennell Interviewing Davante Adams

On 11 January 2023, the Raiders posted a video of Jeremiah speaking with Davante Adams to the team’s official Twitter account.

Jeremiah Fennell Parents
Jeremiah Fennell while interviewing The Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams. (Image Source: Twitter)

The Raiders captioned the video, “Our newest (cutest) reporter on the job with Adams.” Jeremiah asked the Raiders wide receiver for his favorite childhood memory after rattling off a great list of stats.

On 12 February, the team took Fennell to the Super Bowl. Jeremiah expressed his wish by speaking with Peyton Manning and Stefon Diggs in a video the team uploaded to Instagram.

Jeremiah aspired to become a Journalist, sportscaster, business owner, and investor.

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