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Meet Jeremy Allen White Family: Famous Relatives Covered

Jeremy has amassed quite a following with his impressive performances. These followers had always admired him, but it seems they are curious about the entire family background of Jeremy Allen White.

Jeremy Allen White, born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 17, 1991, is an American actor.

He began his dance career by performing ballet, jazz, and tap in primary school.

Further, he transitioned to acting when he was thirteen after enrolling in a brand-new middle school dance program.

Jeremy is famous for playing Lip Gallagher in the 2011–2021 Showtime comedy-drama series Shameless.

Since 2022, he has starred in the Hulu comedy-drama series The Bear as chef Carmen Carmy Berzatto. For this, he has been earning multiple awards and nominations.

Moreover, he has appeared in various films, including Amazon Prime Video’s Homecoming, Afterschool, Twelve, The Rental, and Fremont.

As Jeremy has been garnering fame, he has also attracted people’s attention in his private life. This includes fans’ eagerness to know about Jeremy Allen White family.

Meet Jeremy Allen White Family

Talking about the family of Jeremy Allen White he was born to parents Richard White and Eloise White.

Richard White and Eloise White are former theatre actors who met and shared a stage in New York City.

Eloise White, a native of North Carolina, graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

However, Richard White is of mixed descent, including Ukrainian, Northern Irish, Scottish, English, and more.

The White couple decided to give up acting and look for more secure employment after the birth of their son Jeremy.

Meanwhile, Jeremy has a younger sister whose name is not public, as she lives a very private life.

Moving on to his self-created family, Jeremy married actress Addison Timlin in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, on October 18, 2019.

Jeremy Allen White family, his wife and daughter happily posing for the camera.
Jeremy and Addison started dating in 2016 after meeting on a movie set in 2008. (Source: Instagram)

Following the marriage, Addison gave birth to her second daughter, Dolores Wild White, on December 12, 2020.

Meanwhile, they had their first child, Ezer Billie White, before their marriage on October 20, 2018.

However, Jeremy Allen White and Timlin decided to part ways in May 2023.

The reason for their divorce is unknown, as neither of the parties has made a public statement.

As for further details on the family of Jeremy Allen White, fans might have to wait quite a long as they do not seem to be in the spotlight, unlike Jeremy.

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Jeremy Allen White Famous Relatives Covered

There are no well-known relatives in Jeremy Allen White’s direct family.

Richard White and Eloise White, his parents, were both stage actors in New York City, but they gave up acting.

Further, his younger sister, whose name is kept private, attended Syracuse University and majored in television, radio, and film.

Jeremy posing for the camera on a bicycle.
Jeremy attended the Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan and had his first acting role in 2006. (Source: Instagram)

However, her present line of work is unknown to the public.

His ex-wife Addison Timlin appeared as an actress in films like Little Sister, The Town That Dreaded Sundown, and Fallen.

Their two daughters, Ezer and Dolores White, are not as well-known or famous in the entertainment sector.

Thus, Jeremy Allen White appears to be the only famous member of his family.

However, some might think White is related to the famous actor Gene Wilder.

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Is Jeremy Related To Gene Wilder?

Some people have noted similarities between the two actors, especially when they were younger.

However, no, Jeremy Allen White is not related to Gene Wilder. They have taken different trajectories in the entertainment business.

A side by side photo comparison of Jeremy and Gene.
Jeremy recently participated in an eBay auction to support the Union Solidarity Coalition. (Source: Instagram)

Gene Wilder was an extraordinary American actor, comedian, writer, and director.

He won over viewers with his hilarious humor and rose to fame for his outstanding performances.

Further, his role as Willy Wonka in the movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) is highly cherished.

Jeremy Allen White and Gene Wilder excel as performers and are incredibly versatile.

Thus, it’s possible that some individuals could see a physical similarity between them. However, they are not related or of the same family.

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