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Jessica Chastain Weight Loss Journey: Diet & Workout Routine

Ever since the news of Jessica Chastain undergoing physical transformation to adjust to a role for the series George & Tammy, outbroke, people’s curiosity about her weight loss journey has increased significantly. So, how much weight did she lose? Let’s find out!

Jessica Chastain is a four-time Oscar-nominated Hollywood actress.

Her versatility and outstanding movie performances have won the hearts of millions. 

Furthermore, she selects movie roles that resonate with her authenticity and maintains a style and self-care routine that mirrors her values.

In her career, Jessica has acted in more than 60 movies; however, she got her breakthrough for her performance in The Help, which received widespread acclaim then. 

However, achieving that success through portraying Celia in The Help required significant effort, as Jessica had to gain 15 pounds.

Actors often work diligently to embody their characters, and altering weight is one method they use to make their roles more believable.

In that matter, again, in 2022, Jessica underwent physical changes to portray a sick character in the Paramount Network Series George & Tammy

However, within some months, Jessica Chastain has impressively returned to her curvy and soft appearance, sparking curiosity among people eager to learn about her weight loss journey.

Details On The Weight Loss Journey Of Jessica Chastain 

Jessica Chastain adjusted her weight for film roles several times in her acting career, and somehow, she always returned to a well-toned body, making people seek her weight loss journey and workout routines. 

For the first time, Jessica underwent physical changes for her role as Celia Foote in the movie The Help.

For the role, she gained 15 pounds and also altered her hair color.

Jessica pictured in a green gown smiling and holding trophy
Jessica Chastain gained 15 pounds weight for the character Celia. (Source: Instagram)

However, she quickly maintains weight through a strict vegetarian diet rather than relying on treats like soy ice cream. 

Recently, in 2022, she went through a strict diet to play a sick character in George & Tammy, but just like before, she worked out to come in her original shape.

In this way, she thrives on portraying various characters on screen, aligning with her sense of empowerment.

Likewise, she exercises regularly to feel confident and strong with every screen appearance.

Moreover, Jessica specified that she practices yoga at least twice weekly as part of her routine. This must have helped her through all these transitions repeatedly.

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Jessica Chastain’s Workout Routine

As said, Jessica Chastain enjoys portraying various characters on screen, as it empowers her.

Needless to say, like every other actress, Jesica also gains confidence and strength through regular exercise.

So, she follows several home lower body and core workout routines, which she often shares on her Instagram.

On her social media, she often demonstrates exercises using ankle weights, including:

– Side leg lifts
– Inner thigh side leg lifts
– Up and over leg extensions
– Leg extensions
– Crunches
– Bicycle crunches
– Bridges

Jessica posing fir a camera hiding half her face with hair
Jessica Chastain is vegan. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Jessica advocates that yoga is a potent tool for rapid weight loss.

She views yoga as physical exercise and a calming and relaxing activity that benefits her mentally and emotionally.

By incorporating Power Yoga, which combines deep breathing and body stretching, into her routine, Jessica burns calories effectively.

Likewise, she practices yoga five to six days a week, contributing to her curvy figure.

However, having been a vegan for some time, Jessica adopted this diet to align with her body’s needs and preferences.

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Diet Of Jessica Chastain: Is She Vegan?

One significant aspect of the weight loss journey of Jessica Chastain is her diet routine.

In her 20s, Jessica switched from being a vegetarian to a vegan because of health issues like high cholesterol.

At the time, she aimed to avoid medication and felt her body was guiding her towards this dietary change.

Since becoming vegan, Jessica has seen her overall health improve, particularly her skin.

She even influenced her mother to embrace veganism, leading her to start a vegan food truck business.

Jessica Chastain taking selfie with her mother
Jessica Chastain’s mother is also a vegan and runs vegan restaurants. (Source: Instagram)

As a vegan, Jessica enjoys preparing banana pancakes, pairing them with fresh dishes like cauliflower, tempura, and spring rolls complemented by pickled shallots and edamame sauce, especially on weekends.

She even received chef training from the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York to follow her strict vegan diet.

Additionally, she passionately shares her love for vegan cooking, often posting her favorite recipes on Instagram for her fans to enjoy.

People eagerly follow Jessica’s Instagram profile to learn more about her diet and exercise routines, finding inspiration in how she combines fitness with enjoyment.

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