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Who Is Jim Jordan Brother Jeff Jordan? Family Tree

Jeff Jordan is widely recognized as Jim Jordan brother. Via this article, let’s get to learn more about their relationship and family tree.

Jim Jordan is an American politician and attorney currently serving as the U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 4th congressional district.

Jordan is known for his conservative views and his outspoken support for former President Donald Trump. He has been a vocal critic of the Democratic Party and its policies, particularly on issues such as immigration, healthcare, and taxes.

Furthermore, Jim has also been involved in several high-profile controversies during his time in Congress. In 2018, he was accused of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse allegations while serving as an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University in the 1990s.

He denied any knowledge of the alleged abuse and has been a staunch defender of his actions at the university.

Despite these controversies, Jordan remains a popular figure among conservatives and has been mentioned as a possible candidate for higher office in the future.

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Who Is Jim Jordan Brother Jeff Jordan?

Jim Jordan is a popular politician primarily among conservative and Republican voters due to his strong conservative values and his history of advocating for limited government, lower taxes, and pro-life policies.

He has been a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump and has gained a reputation as a staunch defender of conservative principles.

Moreover, considering his fame, fans have shown a keen interest in his personal life/family background and want to know more about his siblings.

Well, the politician is a doting and supportive brother of two. His elder brother’s name is Ben Jordan, and his younger brother’s name is Jeff Jordan.

The Jordan siblings share a tight-knit bond, and they are each other’s extensive support system. They were born to their parents, John Jordan and Shirley Jordan.

Furthermore, the politician, Jim Jordan, coached at Ohio State University from 1986-1994, and wrestling has been a massive part of his identity his brothers have also continued that tradition.

Jim Jordan Brother
Jim Jordan’s younger brother, Jeff Jordan, currently serves as a state-champ wrestling camp coach. (Source: Dayton Daily News)

Besides, Jeff Jordan, Jim’s younger brother, also won championships in high school and college. Jeff won four high school state championships, much like his brother.

Likewise, Jeff was twice awarded an All-American during his time at the University of Wisconsin, where he earned a Big Ten title. He was hired as an assistant coach at Purdue University after graduating.

Additionally, Jim Jordan’s brother has also been operating a “State Champ Camp” in Urbana for a number of years.

The camp is marketed as a “highly tailored, no-frills camp for the serious elementary or high school wrestler who wants to dedicate themselves to the work to become a state and national champion.

Nationally renowned wrestling coach Jeff Jordan has created a method of wrestling that has produced multiple high schools and NCAA Champions. He is motivated by the idea that hard effort and success go hand in hand,” according to its website.

Jeff Jordan’s Family Tree

Jim Jordan’s brother, Jeff Jordan, is a happily married guy, and he is a doting father of three sons, Bo, Rocky, and Micha Jordan. Just like him, his sons also were Falcon’s standouts.

Likewise, his two sons, Micah and Bo, were four-time state champs and All-Americans, and his other son, Rocky, was a three-time state champ.

Jeff Jordan
Jeff Jordan’s son, Bo Jordan, has shared that his dad has been his biggest inspiration. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, Jeff’s son, Bo Jordan, in a 2015 interview, stated that from a very young age, he knew that he wanted to get on the mat.

Bo added, “Even when I was very young, I would always see my dad. He was constantly engaged in wrestling. I was really fortunate and blessed to have the father I did. He constantly encouraged me to improve and supported my efforts.”

Apart from being a doting dad and committed partner, Jeff is also a supportive brother and loving son. He has shined in the wrestling field, and now his sons are following in his footsteps.

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