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Jim Nunn Obituary: CBC Journalist Died After Cancer Battle- Family And Net Worth

Jim Nunn Obituary: the former host of CBC News Nova Scotia’s Six, Land and Sea, and Marketplace passed away on Sunday night (19 February 2023).

The 72-year-old died in a hospital in Antigonish, N.S., following a battle with Cancer.

During his three-decade career, Nunn gained considerable fame and fortune. Following the sad news, social media is flooded with tribute and condolences to the late Journalist.

Today’s article concerns how the former CBC Journalist died, his funeral, family, professional life, and net worth. Keep reading to learn more about Jim Nunn.

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Jim Nunn Obituary: CBC Journalist Died After Cancer Battle – Family

Jim Nunn was born in 1951 to his parents in Antigonish, N.S. The television personality has a brother, Bruce Nunn. Jim and Bruce’s Father was involved in the broadcasting career. He was at the microphone of CJFX radio in the hometown of Antigonish.

As mentioned above, the former CBC News Journalist died after a battle with Cancer in a hospital at 72 years old. Regarding his funeral, Nunn’s family informed him that there would be a celebration of life planned for some time in the spring.

Jim Nunn Obituary
The legendary CBC Journalist and T.V. show host Jim Nunn died on Saturday after a battle with Cancer. (Image Source: Yahoo)

The name and identity of Jim’s mom and dad have not been made public. In addition, it is unclear if the Journalist was married and had children. Was Jim Nunn married? Did he have any children?

Jim Nunn Brother Bruce: He Was A Great Man

Talking with CBC News, the former Jounalist’s brother, Bruce, said he was a great man.

“Jim had quite the personality. He was well-known as a brilliant Journalist in Nova Scotia. He was a great man,” Bruce told the publication. Jim’s sibling also revealed that his broadcasting career began on their dad’s knee at the CJFX radio microphone and got into the business early.

Bruce said he read condolence messages online and people talking about how his beloved brother impacted their career. Nunn was renowned for covering local elections and significant occurrences in Nova Scotia, such as the Westray mine accident.

Moreover, Jim Nunn’s Executive producer, Geoff D’Eon, said he was a fearsome and fearless Journalist. D’Eon was Jim’s Executive producer from 1988 to 1993, when he worked as an anchor of Fiest Edition.

“He had a terrific Journalist brain. He had always asked to probe and occasionally asked impertinent questions. I believe that he was a terrific broadcaster, and CBC and Nova Scotians were fortunate to have him as the show host,” D’Eon added.

The Executive producer also said that some people found Nunn’s interviewing style rude and offensive. But Geoff said Jim’s style was very candid, pulling no punches and reaching the heart of the matter.

According to D’Eon, Nunn’s most memorable interview was with rock star Alice Cooper. The star grabbed him by the throat and threatened to tear his eyeballs out and throw them across the studio.

Jim Nunn Obituary
Rock star Alice Cooper and Jim Nunn during an interview. (Image Source: CBC)

In 2008, Nunn conducted a controversial interview with Actor John Dunsworth regarding the conclusion of Trailer Park Boys. Jim Nunn retired in 2009 from CBC News.

Jim Nunn Net Worth

Jim Nunn worked as a Journalist for three decades. In addition to insane fame, he seems to have garnered a considerable fortune.

The precise wealth of the late Journalist has not been made public. However, Glassdoor reported that CBC journalists make $84,561 annually as of 2023.

Thus, Jim must have earned handsome pay matching his stand in the broadcasting industry.

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