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Is Jimmy Kimmel Gay? The Host Has His Own Story To Tell

Jimmy Kimmel has regularly come under fire for his anti-gay jokes in the past. However, is Jimmy Kimmel gay himself?

Jimmy Kimmel is well known as the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live, which he has been on since 2003. The show has run for over two decades and has amassed over 3,000 episodes.

The host was born in Las Vegas and has had a knack for pranks and comedy since childhood.

Furthermore, Jimmy considers David Letter, one of the most popular talk show hosts, his idol.

Given his nature and career trajectory, it was evident that Jimmy would find himself in the talk show industry.

Jim started his career after joining The Kevin & Bean Show in 1994, where he initially worked as a producer.

However, Jimmy has fans wonder and question if Jimmy Kimmel is gay and whether he has a story to tell.

Is Jimmy Kimmel Gay? The Host Has His Own Story To Tell

Owing to Jimmy Kimmel having celebrity status, it is evident that media and fans often wonder about whether he is straight or gay.

Jimmy Kimmel, however, has never seen the need to clarify his sexual preference. Further, he has happily married Molly McNeamey for over a decade.

This in itself should answer the curiosity regarding whether Jimmy Kimmel is gay.

Jimmy Kimmel wearing a t-shirt that says wear orange
Jimmy Kimmel served as an altar boy in his local church. (Source: Instagram)

The curiosity about Jimmy Kimmel being gay stems from a satirical interview given by his friend and fellow comedian Adam Corolla.

Adam remarked, “You know he is gay, right? “randomly when interacting with media personnel back in 2007. This was referring to Jimmy Kimmel.

In the interview, media personnel laugh and reject Jimmy Kimmel’s being gay, whereas Adam repeatedly says that Jimmy is (gay).

This interview has been taken out of context several times, and people began wondering if this was comedy or a subliminal message from Adam.

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Is Jimmy Kimmel Gay Or Homophobic?

Jimmy Kimmel has been questioned several times for being a homophobic person alongside the rumors of him being gay.

In 2018, Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity had a very public feud on Twitter, exchanging heated remarks.

During this ordeal, Jimmy once asked Sean Hannity to get back on top.

However, the general public saw this remark as being homophobic. Most thought this was a sly way for Jimmy Kimmel to belittle the gay community.

Jimmy Kimmel before gay rumor with his friend.
Kimmel popularized the hilarious ‘Mean Tweets’ segment on his show. (Source: Instagram)

The feud began with Kimmel making fun of then-First Lady Melania Trump’s accent.

Sean Hannity immediately attacked Jimmy Kimmel on his program and demanded an apology from Kimmel.

During the exchange, both of them had remarked lewdly about each other. Hannity had stated that Kimmel was Harvey Weinstein Jr. for some questionable videos.

Further, Hannity also shared a video of Jimmy Kimmel in blackface. This only fueled the fire even further amongst the public.

Given the extreme backlash directed at Jimmy Kimmel, he issued a public apology on Twitter.

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What Is His History With Anti-Gay Jokes?

2018 is not the only time that Jimmy Kimmel faced backlash from the gay community.

Before 2007, Jimmy was delivering some insensitive jokes about transgender people for which fans were criticizing him. This was during his then-show Ugly Betty.

The criticism primarily came out of his insinuation that soldiers would have a physical relationship with each other.

Jimmy Kimmel wishing Noman Lear a happy birthday
Jimmy faced backlash after mocking First Lady Melania Trump’s Slovenian accent. (Source: Instagram)

During the same time, he was also under fire for pushing American Idol sensation Sanjaya Malakar about his sexual orientation.

However, recently, Jimmy has also received support from the LGBTQ community.

Primarily, this was for RuPaul’s appearance in Jimmy Kimmel’s show as guest host.

He also recently featured fellow gay comedian Sean Hayes on his show and shared the video on Instagram. This action received both support and backlash.

Despite all this, though, Jimmy Kimmel has never clarified his sexual orientation. However, it is safe to assume for now that he is not gay.

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