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Doc Dan Got Poison? Jinx Chapter 37 Manhwa Raw Scans And Leaks

Jinx is a tale of an unconventional bond between a struggling physical therapist and an MMA fighter. And avid readers of the Manhwa are eagerly awaiting Chapter 37 of Jinx.

Jinx is one of the most popular Manhwa in Korea right now. Thus far, Jinx has aired 37 Chapters to its devout fans.

It revolves around the life of Kim Dan, a physical therapist who is struggling with financial issues. 

His life takes a turn when he is hired to treat Joo Jaekyung, a top-paid MMA fighter. However, he has a peculiar “jinx” – he needs to have sex before every one of his matches so he can win.

Jaekyung offers Dan a large sum of money for this unconventional “treatment,” which Dan accepts due to his desperate need for cash.

This sets the stage for the two characters’ unique and intense relationship. 

The recent chapter was only aired recently on October 22, 2023, in most locations. In Korea and Japan, it was released on October 23, 2023.

Fans have been anticipating the plot of Chapter 37 of Jinx for a while now. And they are wondering if Doc Dan was poisoned.

Did Doc Dan Get Poisoned? The Truth!

In chapter 37, the team tries to calm Dan down as he is beside Jaekyung all the time, selflessly.

Then, they are having some junk food when Jaekyung suddenly enters the room to bust the team. Jaekyung lashes out at the team and specifically at Dan.

He even pours a drink down Dan’s head, scolding him and the team for waking him up.

Jaekyung should lose over 7 kg of weight one day before the match. The team starts to huddle up around Jaekyung.

Jaekyung sits on a tub of hot water to sweat the weight out. With this, Jaekyung looks very weak, and Dan seems worried about him.

Dr Dan receiving a nutrition shake from a stranger or Jaekyung in Jinx Chapter 37
Dan began watching videos of Jaekyung’s martial arts fights and was in awe of his soon-to-be client.

Noticing that Dan is looking different, Jaekyung lashes out at him again. The coach yet again intervenes, supporting Dan.

At the pre-watch weight session, Jaekyung manages to get to the desired weight, and the team celebrates. However, Dan remains away from the celebrations.

Later, a suspicious-looking guy brings nutrients to Jaekyung, but as luck would have it, Dan happens to drink it and not Jaekyung.

Immediately, Dan begins to sweat, and the team realizes the drink has something in it.

With this, suspicion grows that someone wants Jaekyung out of the match.

However, to know who may have caused this or what happens next, fans must wait for Chapter 38.

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Jinx Chapter 37 Manhwa Raw Scan and Leaks

Although the release is recent for Jinx Chapter 37, impatient fans got their hands on the raw scan almost a week prior.

Around October 19, the raw scan materials were available to the public to give a sneak peek at Jinx Chapter 37.

Generally, the raw scan is available some days before the Manhwa release.

This is to provide eager fans with early access, and Jinx Chapter 37’s scan follows the same path.

Normally, these scan leaks are available on the popular platform Lezhin. However, several other websites, too, have the scans available in full indirectly.

Jaekyung being interviewed by a woman as he arrives in the MMA international championship
Despite Jaekyung’s rough nature, he sees Dan as a way to continue winning in the fighting ring.

ManwhaDEN and Robinmanga are among those websites that have provided fans with access to Jinx Chapter 37.

These websites, too, state clearly that the raw scans are the property of Lezhin.

Regardless, eager fans have accessed the scan of Jinx Chapter 37 and read through it.

The feedback is mostly positive, too, except for the character development of Jaekyung.

Fans are hoping that Chapter 38 will bring some positive changes to the character of Dan.

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What Happens In Jinx Chapter 37?

Jinx Chapter 37 revolves around the beginning of the journey of Jaekyung in the USA as a Korean MMA fighter.

He is going to fight in the international championship. Jaekyung is, however, injured, which is now known to all.

This has affected Jaekyung somewhat, although he does not publicly open up about the same.

To prove to the media and public that this shoulder injury is nothing to worry about, Jaekyung intensifies his workout.

Jaekyung intensively working out to lose weight
Jaekyung hires Dr Dan as his physical therapist and offers him a large sum for an unconventional treatment.

This is for losing weight and also to manage his PR.

The workout gets so intense that his coach sometimes has to stop Jaekyung.

Due to such a grueling workout, Jaekyung becomes a maniac, and his team fears him.

At the same time, Dan starts to doubt if he is even of any help to Jaekyung other than to manage his pre-match jinx.

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