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Jaekyung’s Weakness!? Jinx Chapter 38 Manhwa Spoilers Reddit

The popular manhwa, Jinx, has readers searching online for chapter 38 spoilers as the plot intensifies.

Jinx is an ongoing manhwa written and illustrated by Mingwa and published on Lezhin in 2022.

The story follows physical therapist Kim Dan as he has been down on his luck and struggles with money.

Between an unwell grandmother and loan sharks, Dan is out of options for finding work.

However, fate turns when the team hires him to treat Joo Jaekyung, a top-paid MMA fighter who claims to have a “jinx.”

The player needs to have sex before every one of his matches as a part of the “treatment.”

Further, as the plot builds up with recent events, fans have been anticipating the spoilers of Jinx chapter 38.

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The chapter starts with a sports anchor interviewing the Light Heavyweight Legend from Korea, Jaekyung.

Even abroad, the fighter’s popularity is high among the media and viewers.

Further, Dan notices the immersive respect that the community has for Jaekyung.

However, Jaekyung is training to lose over 7kg of weight before the match and acts cranky in front of the team.

Jinx manhwa chapter
Jaekyung tends to look down on Dan. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, Dan wishes he could help the player more along with his cool-down and pre-match Jinx.

Later, when Dan and his friends are having junk food, Jaekyung suddenly enters the room and lashes out.

He even pours a drink on Dan’s head, scolding him and the team for waking him up.

The next day, Jaekyung is still at his weight loss training as he sits in a hot tub to sweat the weight out.

However, Jaekyung looks very weak, and Dan seems worried about him.

The following night, the fighter gets the desired weight at the pre-match session.

While the team is celebrating such an accomplishment, a shady guy who claims to be the staff brings a drink for Jaekyung.

Jinx chapter
Dan feels uneasy after drinking a nutrient shake. (Source: Twitter)

However, Dan drinks it and immediately begins to sweat and plops down on the ground.

With this, the chapter ends with suspense regarding Dan’s condition and the fighter’s next match.

Now, fans are curious about what happens next while waiting for Jinx chapter 38.

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Jaekyung’s Weakness!? Jinx Chapter 38 Manhwa Spoilers Reddit

The readers discuss their expectations for the Jinx Chapter 38 on different online platforms.

Further, they also have questions about Joo Jaekyung’s weakness and the psychological aspect of it.

The next chapter might feature the person behind the foul play, as the previous chapter ended with someone poisoning Dan.

Moreover, this is the perfect opportunity to explore the relationship between Jaekyung and Dan.

Jinx new chapter
Dan feels like he is not doing enough for the MMA fighter. (Source: Twitter)

Jaekyung has always presented himself as the superior person in their unconventional relationship.

Further, he tends to abuse Dan for his advantage and to win.

Likewise, for a few chapters, Dan has been spending his time evaluating himself and questioning his usefulness.

Additionally, Jaekyug’s narcissistic personality has been quite toxic for the physical therapist.

Now, as Dan is physically weak, he might refuse to have pre-match sex with Jaekyung, resulting in his loss.

However, as seen in many instances in the manhwa, there is also a chance of Jaekyung becoming violent with Dan.

Jinx Jaekyung
Jaekyung mirrors his past traumas on his present partners. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, readers have also theorized that the fighter will be enraged after seeing Dan’s condition and will win the match without his Jinx.

As many events are likely to occur, details about Jaekyung’s weakness looms in the mind of readers.

Many theories claim that Jaekyung was a weak fighter once and has both attraction and repulsion to weakness.

Furthermore, Jaekung’s weakness can also be tied to his habit of seeing his partners as a mirror reflecting his younger, weaker self.

However, readers hope the topic will be explored after Jinx chapter 38, as the series is in its initial phase.

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