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Kim Dan Confessed Love?! Jinx Chapter 42 Manhwa Spoilers, Leaks

As romance blooms in the new chapter of Jinx, readers can’t seem to wait for a week to get their hands on the spoilers and leaks of chapter 42. Find out what happens next further in this article.

Jinx is one of the most exciting BL manhwas in recent times, which explores the unconventional story between Dan and Jaekyung.

The MMA fighter and his physical therapist have been through a lot in the recent chapters.

Further, the pair have been living together for quite a while, hinting at potential romantic buildup.

Despite having a rocky start, Jaekyung has shown his true side with each new update.

Now, with the spoilers and leaks surfacing online, fans cannot wait for the release of Jinx chapter 42.

Jinx 41 Recap: Kim Dan Realizes His Feelings For The MMA Fighter

The recent chapter looks at the aftermath of Jaekyung’s latest victory, as media and fans swoon over him.

Jaekyung proves that no injury could keep him from victory, which is celebrated by his team, including Dan.

Further, they return to Korea, where the physical therapist visits his sick grandmother in the hospital.

Jaekyung in Jinx new chapter
Jaekyung has grown softer towards Dan. (Source: Twitter)

She expresses her gratitude to Jaekyung as he provides such opportunities to Dan.

Likewise, the old lady advises Dan to do good for the MMA fighter and help him during difficult times.

Meanwhile, the physical therapist ponders over his admiration for the light-weight champion.

Dan realizes he has developed feelings for Jaekyung, which seemed impossible at their first meeting.

Similarly, he realizes that Jaekyung had been in his mind for a long time and was denying his emotions.

The scene shifts to Dan serving the fighter his routine meal when they discuss the suspicious drink.

Additionally, it was revealed that no toxins or addictive substances were found in the said drink.

Dan Jinx new chapter
Dan looks up to the MMA fighter in many ways. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, Dan claims that he does not remember anything from the night as he was under the influence.

Later, the gym receives tons of gifts from Jaekyung’s fans as his birthday draws close.

The physical therapist also plans to get him something for his special day and goes in for Jaekyung’s checkup.

During the procedure, the fighter lashes out at Dan after his suggestion to visit the doctor for his shoulder.

As the chapter ends on a tense note, readers wait for chapter 42 of Jinx.

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Kim Dan Confessed His Love?! Jinx Chapter 42 Manhwa Spoilers, Release Date & Leaks

With such exciting development in the story, spoilers and leaks of Jinx chapter 42 circulate.

Readers anticipate a romantic confession from Dan, which will leave Jaekyung speechless.

Moreover, he has already accepted his feelings for the fighter and needs the courage to face those emotions.

Jaekyung and Dan in Jinx chapter 41
Jaekyung’s shoulder could be a problem in the future. (Source: Twitter)

From the beginning, Dan has admired Jaekung for his achievements and popularity.

Likewise, he wants the MMA fighter to acknowledge him as an equal and not just a mere team member.

Previously, Dan has already confessed his feelings once while he was under the influence of the drink.

However, the physical therapist is unaware of his behavior, which could be embarrassing.

Given Jaekyung’s nature, the leaks of chapter 42 might see the fighter teasing Dan about his feelings.

Additionally, Dan could confess his feelings on Jaekyung’s birthday.

Jaekyung smiling
Dan plans to confess in the near future. (Source: Twitter)

Nonetheless, their relationship has already taken a serious path with the recent chapters.

Now, readers wait for the official release, as Jinx chapter 42 is scheduled for December 22, 2023.

Moreover, fans are excited to see how Jaekyung will react to the entire situation if Dan manages to confess.

The author, Mingwa, plans to take the characters through a bumpy road before giving them a happy ending.

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