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Kim Dan’s Dilemma! Jinx Chapter 43 Manhwa Leaks, Spoilers

As one of the most popular manhwas, Jinx is set to amaze readers with yet another major point in chapter 43. Now, what lies ahead for Kim Dan as he works hard for the sake of Jaekyung? Find out further in this article!

Jinx presents the story of Kim Dan, a physical therapist, and Joo Jaekyung, an MMA fighter, and sets the stage for a unique and intense relationship.

Dan is employed under a condition for special treatment of the MMA fighter, which has put him in a tight spot.

Further, the physical therapist develops romantic feelings towards his patient after spending time together.

However, Jaekyung is in a league of his own, as he cares less about others and acts maliciously.

Fans have been anticipating chapter 43 of Jinx as they wonder if Dan’s hard work will pay off.

Dan Works For Jaekyung’s Birthday: Chapter 42 Recap

The previous chapter looks at several problems at once, establishing a scene for Jinx in chapter 43.

Dan goes through the medical records of the fighter in hopes of convincing him to take care of his injured shoulder.

Further, the injury is causing issues in other areas of his body, which require long-term rehabilitation.

Kim Dan from Jinx chapter riding a bicycle
Dan worries about Jaekyung’s shoulder injury. (Source: Twitter)

However, Jaekyung refuses to take a break from fighting as he does not want to cancel his matches.

Amidst such medical problems, the physical therapist thinks of doing something special for Jaekyung’s birthday.

He plans to lift the fighter’s mood to give in to the recommended medical care ultimately.

Now, Dan desperately looks through the apartment to find anything the MMA champion lacks.

After a thorough inspection, Dan notices that Jaekyung carries a worn-out leather keychain.

The physical therapist takes up a late-night delivery job to replace the expensive item to save enough money.

Dan hopes the gift will give Jaekyung the strength to endure the injury.

In addition to working late, he prepares balanced meals for the fighters and looks after his training.

Shockingly, Dan crosses paths with one of Jaekyung’s exes in his part-time job.

Kim Dan talks to Jaekyung's ex in Jinx new chapter
Dan realizes the true nature of the MMA fighter. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, the character warns the physical therapist about the real character of the MMA fighter.

He claims that Jaekyung treats all of his lovers as tools and nothing more and discards them after a while.

After hearing such comments, Dan freezes up, which makes readers more curious to learn what’s in store for Jinx in chapter 43.

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Kim Dan’s Dilemma! Jinx Chapter 43 Manhwa Leaks, Spoilers

Dan was excited to do something for Jaekyung before meeting one of his past lovers.

Further, the physical therapist wanted to pay back all the financial benefits the job provided.

As fans wait for the leaks for Jinx chapter 43, they speculate about Dan’s next step.

Jaekyung from Jinx chapter inside a car
Jaekyung maintains his strict emotional boundaries. (Source: Twitter)

Now, Dan seems to be in a dilemma about what to do with his plan and days of hard work.

Although considering his personality, Dan might not back down from his plan to surprise Jaekyung on his special day.

Moreover, he has worked hard to save enough to afford a branded gift for the MMA fighter.

However, Jekyung’s reaction is quite predictable as he hates the idea of presents.

Additionally, the keychain was the only worn-out object in his apartment, hinting at potential emotional attachment.

Similarly, the fighter rarely showcases his soft side, and his connection with the keychain might bring a new twist to the story.

Kim Dan freezes in shock
Dan wanted to pay back Jaekyung for all the merits. (Source: Twitter)

In the spoilers of Jinx, if Jaekyung lashes out again at Dan, he might feel distant and lose his feelings.

While Dan tries to step within the boundaries of the MMA fighter, Jaekyung might terminate his contract with the therapist.

Nonetheless, fans are eager to get their hands on the official release of Jinx, which is set for January 2, 2024.

Until then, the spoilers and leaks circulate online to point toward Dan and Jaekyug’s relationship.

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