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Who Are Jisoo Parents, Ha-Joon Kim And Ji-Yoo Kim? Family Ethnicity And Siblings

Famous singers from the lady band Black Pink Jisoo parents have been searched as the fans look forward to knowing more about them. 

South Korean singer and actor Kim Ji-soo, also known as Jisoo, is from that country. She has been a part of the well-known girl singing group BlackPink, managed by YG Entertainment, since August 2016, when she was the youngest member.

She is also well-known for her voice and dance styles, such as hip-hop, dance-pop, and k-pop.

She began her career with YG Entertainment as a trainee in 2011. Jisoo must first go through an interview and then train for five years. She made her acting debut in the JTBC Drama Snowdrop in 2021 with Jung Hae-in.

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Despite being the eldest member of BLACKPINK, Jisoo is the youngest kid in her family. As a result, Jisoo’s parents have a unique approach to raising their youngest daughter.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) shared her parents’ unique upbringing in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. Jisoo’s parents take a unique approach to education because she is the youngest child in the family.

Who Are Jisoo Parents Ha-Joon Kim And Ji-Yoo Kim?

Ha-Joon Kim and Ji-Yoo Kim, Jisoo’s parents, are two adoring parents who have always regarded her as their lovely maknae.

According to speculations, Jisoo’s father could be the CEO of MAMAMOO’s agency or a head director at the well-known TV station Mnet.

This explains Jisoo’s father’s numerous relationships with famous Korean producers, directors, and MCs. 

Jisoo Whole Family Members (Source: Quora)

If Jisoo does not want to go to school, her parents will let her skip a day. “I’d wake up one morning grimacing because I didn’t want to go to school,” the female idol said. “What’s up?” my father would ask. “What’s with the long face?” “Dad, I’m so tired; I just want to sleep,” I’d say. “OK, then don’t go!” However, the story was then thoroughly explained.

Jisoo’s instructor is furious, but according to the female star, her parents are more understanding of her because she is the family’s youngest child. “My teacher would then ask the following day, “What are you going to do with your life?”

They didn’t abandon me; I believe they adored me, especially because I was the youngest child. “They were more open to letting me do whatever I wanted,” Jisoo admitted. Her parents’ upbringing was very different from the rigid upbringing of most Asian parents.

However, the way Jisoo’s parents raised her caused numerous problems for the female idol, particularly when she first joined YG Entertainment.

Jisoo is used to being looked after by her parents. Therefore, she finds it difficult to adjust to a setting with many ideals, such as YG Entertainment. BLACKPINK’s eldest member stated that she had done her best to adjust to her new surroundings at YG Entertainment.

Jisoo Family Ethnicity And Siblings Details 

Kim Jisoo, better known as Jisoo, is a South Korean pop diva and a member of the popular k-pop girl group Blackpink. 

Jisoo was born on January 3, 1995, and is of South Korean and Asian descent. She deeply believes in Christianity.

Kim Junghun, Jisoo’s sole big brother, was born six years before Jisoo. His traditional good looks have earned him the nickname “hottie” from BLINKs. He and his wife are overjoyed because they recently welcomed a kid!

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Jiyoon is Jisoo’s favorite (and only) sister, and she, too, has spectacular sights! She could have easily been famous with her looks. The Korean singer is the proud mother of two children, who are sure to be as lovely as she is!

Jisoo Career Explored 

Jisoo Kim began her career as a singer in the South Korean music industry. She interviewed for a job with YG Entertainment in 2011.

She was chosen as a trainee here and trained for around five years. She was later requested to join the famous girl group ‘BlackPink,’ which was a watershed moment in her life. She is the group’s senior member.

Jisoo With Her Band Member With Their New Album Pink Venom (Source: Instagram)

In 2015, she appeared in the KBS2 Drama ‘The Producers,’ alongside Kang Seungyoon from ‘Winner’ and Sandara Park from 2NE1.

She has also appeared in numerous advertisements for companies such as Smart Uniform, LG Electronics, Samsonite, Nikon, and others.

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On August 8, 2016, she made her debut with Jennie, Lisa, and Rose, the other three members of the group BlackPink,’ for the single album ‘Square One.’

In 2017-18, she co-hosted ‘Inkigayo’ with Jin Young and Doyoung from GOT 7 and NCT, respectively.

Later in 2019, she appeared in a short cameo in ‘Arthdral Chronicles,’ a tvN fantasy Drama, and will also star in her first fixed part in ‘Snowdrop,’ a JTBC Drama starring Jung Hae-in.

She also co-wrote the lead single ‘Lovesick Girls’ for BlackPink’s debut Korean language studio album, ‘The Album.’



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