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Kenjaku Gets Gojo Body? JJK 239 Leaks, Early Spoilers Reddit, Twitter

After consecutive thrilling chapters, JJK fans have taken over the internet for chapter 239 leaks and spoilers. So, what’s in store for the readers? Find out in this article.

In the Jujutsu Kaisen universe, the most powerful sorcerers are fighting each other back to back, creating intense heat.

With the release of chapter 238, the events are more thrilling, and the next thing cannot be predicted.

Further, Kasimo battles against Sukuna, which has left the readers with even newer questions.

Leaks and speculations of JJK 239 have been circulating since the release of the previous chapter.

Moreover, fans have their theories for all the unanswered issues in the stories for the next JJK 239 chapter leaks.

JJK 239 Leaks: Early Spoilers From Reddit

In the previous chapter, a battle between Kashimo and Sukuna takes place with Sukuna in his perfect form.

He has four arms, two of which he uses for hand signs and the other for bearing weapons.

Furthermore, Sukuna’s beauty and perfection captivate Kasimo.

Sukuna in his true form in JJK leaks
During ancient times, Sukuna was the most powerful curse to exist. (Source: Twitter)

Sukuna then proceeds to use a huge slash attack, the one he used on Gojo, to cut him in half.

Then, he preaches to Kashimo about acknowledgment, mercy and strength while attacking him.

Moreover, Kashimo asks Sukuna if he is satisfied with their fight, to which he responds that he never expected anyone to satisfy him.

However, at that moment, Kashimo meets his end, shattering the domain and blocking Hakari and Uraume.

Furter, Yuji and Higuruma also enter the battlefield, opening new possibilities.

Yuji with claw hands in JJK 239
Yuji could potentially unleash true powers in new chapters. (Source: Instagram)

Now, readers on Reddit think that the next fight will focus on Sukuna versus Yuji.

While that is likely to be the case, we cannot ignore Higuruma as he is a powerful character as well.

Further, Yuji had claw hands at the end of chapter 238, which could be a symbol of his powerful rage.

Sukuna brought both Megumi and Gojo, who were important to Yuji, to their ends.

This could be the fuel that Yuji needs to evolve to the next level, and fans expect him to show higher techniques.

An intense battle awaits in the next chapter, and there could be other turning events as the story is quite unpredictable.

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Kenjaku Gets Gojo Body? Possible Outcomes And Impact

Despite all the fights, we cannot rule out the possibility of Kenjaku taking over Gojo’s body.

Sukuna cut Gojo in half during a fight, leaving readers shocked.

Furthermore, many fans want Gojo to come back to life; however, the biggest villain of the series can take over his body.

Kenjaku is a mastermind who wants to create a new world that resembles the time of the Golden Age of Sorcery.

Gojo and Geto in suits
Geto was Gojo’s best friend before Kenjaku took over his body. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, he has also taken over Yuji’s mom in the past and currently lives in the body of Suguru Geto.

The sinister being can definitely take over Gojo’s body because it is not completely destroyed.

Kenjaku is simply a brain with teeth that can likely crawl into the head of another person.

Currently, Gojo is lying on the battlefield, but Kenjaku will most likely not take over his body in broad daylight.

It isn’t also entirely clear how long it takes Kenjaku to gain total control over the bodies of his victims.

Kenjaku is in body of Geto
Kenjaku seals Gojo during the Shibuya Arc in Prison Realm. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, Gojo is the strongest being with massive power and control over cursed energy.

If Kenjaku manages to possess Gojo, he will have access to the Limitless Curse Techniques and Six Eyes.

However, Reddit users theorize that it was never Kenjaku’s plan to take over Gojo’s body.

This can also be true as the villain has never mentioned such intentions.

But as the series is coming up with new twists every chapter, it won’t be much surprise if something drastic does happen.

The readers will have to wait a bit longer to find out as the series is on break for a week.

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