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Gojo Is Finally Making A COMEBACK!? JJK 243 Leaks, Spoilers

The strongest sorcerer, Gojo, is one of the most popular characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, and readers cannot wait for his comeback as leaks and spoilers for 243 of JJK surface online.

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most popular mangas of recent times, which has been able to captivate readers.

People have loved the story of sorcerers defeating evil to protect others, along with many characters in the narrative.

Further, Gojo Satoru, one of the strongest in the series, faced defeat against Sukuna.

Since then, fans have been waiting for his comeback with each new release as the plot thickens.

Now, with chapter 243 leaks circulating online, JJK readers wonder if Gojo is finally making a comeback.

Kenjaku And Takaba Steal The Spotlight: JJK Chapter 242 Recap

Before talking about the comeback of Gojo in chapter 243 leaks, let’s look back at the recent JJK release.

The 242 chapter begins with Kenjaku summoning a special garage curse, Akuro Ouohtake, against Takaba.

Furthermore, Takaba’s truck instantly crushes the curse, and Kenjaku arrives at the scene as a police officer.

JJK 242 leaks and spoilers
Takaba has promised to make Kenjaku laugh. (Source: Twitter)

Kenjaku checks the comedian’s blood-alcohol level with a bag that contains a goldfish.

Likewise, the duo tries to revive the fish that is dead by turning into doctors themselves, but Kenjaku attacks Takaba.

Moreover, the comedic attacks come from one after another as Kenjaku now turns into a nurse to cheer Takaba.

During the events, Kenjaku realizes the true curse technique of the comedian, which is not just forceful materialization.

Additionally, Takaba is able to manipulate his opponent’s imagination and use it against them.

Meanwhile, the scene shifts to Kenjaku and Takaba taking a quiz as they rush towards a door with answers.

Kenjaku turns into a nurse in JJK leaks
Takaba’s curse technique surprises Kenjaku. (Source: Twitter)

Just as he was about to rush, Takaba heard someone yelling for help, and he noticed a cat in the middle of the road.

As the attacks take place, Kenjaku realizes that he is having fun after many years and is glad that he started the culling game.

However, Kenjaku realizes that his thoughts are being manipulated and comes back for Takaba.

Although the countless scenarios are just stimulation for Takaba, Kenjaku is slowly accumulating damage.

Now, for the showdown, Kenjaku suits up and invites Takaba to the final stage of battle.

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Will Gojo Finally Make A COMEBACK!? JJK 243 Leaks, Spoilers And Theories

As the battle between Takaba and Kenjaku comes to an end, many fans are looking for the leaks of JJK chapter 243.

Furthermore, many anticipate Gojo’s return as he suffered severe injuries after the fight with Sukuna.

As Gojo is highly affiliated with Buddhism, fan theories expect that the next chapter will mark his comeback.

Moreover, seven chapters have passed since the fight with Sukuna, which fans have linked with the seven steps of enlightenment.

Gojo lays on the floor in JJK leaks
Fans expect Gojo to make a powerful comeback. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, Takaba could be the link to revive Gojo with his manipulation technique.

Meanwhile, the author has not revealed the details, but Gojo could come back even stronger.

Additionally, fans theorize that the previous chapters foreshadow Gojo’s being cut in half as an indication of immense power development.

Similarly, fans expect the leaks of chapter 243 to be the final act between Kenjaku and Takaba in JJK.

Since Takaba’s ability is fueled by his self-confidence, Kenjaku might work to break his concentration.

Further, the villain has already proven himself as a master manipulator in many instances in the story.

Nonetheless, readers can anticipate a thrilling experience with the new chapter set for release on November 26, 2023.

Moreover, you can access JJK through the Viz Media website with the official English translation.

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