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The Real Battle Begins! JJK Chapter 246 Leaks, Spoilers, Release

With a new plan to defeat Sukuna, a lot is at stake for Yuji and the others. But will the JJK chapter 246 leaks show the ultimate win of the sorcerers? Find out more further in the article.

Jujutsu Kaisen has taken an exciting turn as Yuji, Higuruma, and Sukuna have a powerful face-off.

The current plot has created a buzz among readers as they discuss the future possibilities.

Further, Jujutsu Kaisen hints at a major event that might change the entire direction of the story.

Now, fans cannot help but dive deep into the leaks and spoilers of JJK and its upcoming chapter 246.

JJK 245 Recap: The Real Battle Between Formidable Foe

The recent chapter 245 of JJK begins with Uraume using the cursed technique, Frost Clam, on Hakari.

Further, the power allows Uraume to hit the opponent with cursed energy in a cool state, freezing them.

The powerful curse user attempts to finish off Hakari but is surprised by how fast he can regenerate.

Uraume JJK chapter 246
Uraume came to help Sukuna in the ongoing battle. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, they believe Hakari’s regenerative speed is way faster than Gojo and Sukuna.

As the fight continues, Uraume says they will change how they perceive Hakari.

They also believe humans are afraid of loneliness, which weakens them.

However, Hakari doesn’t have that aspect of humanity inside him, which makes him stronger than the others.

Now, Uraume prepares to crush the sorcerer with all their power, and Hakari is ready to take it on.

Meanwhile, the trial continues, and the Judgeman accuses Yuji of mass murder because of the Shibuya incident.

But Higuruma defends Yuji, says Sukuna is the real culprit, and tries to make the king of curses plead guilty.

Moreover, Sukuna claims he knows how Higuruma’s Domain works.

Hakari in JJK 246
Hakari showcased his full potential. (Source: Twitter)

This poses a great threat to the entire plan of the sorcerers to defeat the formidable curse.

Additionally, Sukuna showcases his interest in Higuruma’s sword.

The Judgeman proceeds to say Sukuna is guilty, and it announces the death penalty and confiscation.

Although Higuruma believed the enemy lost the ten-shadow technique, his assumption is wrong.

Further, his domain opens as Ino and Kusakabe join the fight, followed by a brief flashback of Higuruma.

However, there is no time to react as Sukuna uses his technique to hit everyone with slashes.

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The Real Battle Begins?! JJK Chapter 246 Leaks, Spoilers & Release Date

As Sukuna uses his full powers, JJK chapter 246 leaks and spoilers garner attention online.

The next chapter will most definitely see a lot of Sukuna as he launches an extremely powerful attack on his enemies.

Further, he is preparing to launch a dominant attack with the ability to use hand signs during the battle.

Higuruma faces Sukuna
Their plan backfires as Sukuna unleashes his curse. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, fans are eager to witness a 4 versus 1 battle as Yuji and Higuruma have the support of their friends.

The JJK chapter 246 leaks might explore the extent of these characters’ powers and techniques.

However, it is important to note that Sukuna is incredibly higher in curse energy than the others.

On the other hand, Higuruma’s executioner’s sword could come into the spotlight in the next chapter.

As the sorcerer has the sword in his hands, it is going to be interesting to see how he feels and controls it.

Despite such possibilities, readers cannot look past the inner voice of Higuruma, who asks him if he wants to die.

Sukuna JJK 246 leaks
Sukuna plans to get away from the death penalty. (Source: Twitter)

This might be a sign from the author, who plans to kill off one of the major characters in the story.

Regardless, the JJK chapter 246 leaks have promised an intense battle that awaits the readers.

Further, the release date for the next JJK chapter is December 24, 2023.

The series can be accessed officially on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus apps.

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