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Yuji Killed Sukuna?! JJK Chapter 247 Leaks, Spoilers, Raw Scans

The JJK chapter 247 leaks are already out there, and it suggest that a lot will change in the manga; one of the significant characters of the show has finally met his fate. Let’s get into the details.

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of those mangas that has captivated its audiences ever since its release.

Currently, the Jujutsu Kaisen fans are waiting for the release of its upcoming chapter 247.

The previous chapter, 246, has left the manga fans curious about who among Sukuna, Higuruma, and Yuji is going to win the battle.

It is supposed to be a break for the manga before its upcoming release.

However, the leaks and spoilers of JJK chapter 247 are already surfacing on the Internet.

JJK Chapter 247 Leaks: Sukuna Faces Higuruma’s Powers, Yuji Enters, and a Surprising Twist!

According to the leaks of JJK 247, the chapter starts with Sukuna trying to evaluate Higuruma.

Sukuna is caught off guard after realizing the effects of CT and how it could stop and restart.

Sukuna Higuruma
Sukuna and Higuruma are both so powerful, but there is always one winner. (Source: Twitter)

He praises Higuruma for his ability to use the CT at such a level.

Suddenly, Yuji Comes out, destroying the building where Sukuna and Higuruma were standing.

The slashes from the building almost hurt Higuruma.

Seeing this, Sukuna tries to get hold of Yuji by sending some of the slashes to Yuji’s chest.

Sukuna, trying to disrespect Yuji, tells him that he is truly boring and nothing is interesting about him.

Suddenly, Sukuna finds himself casually dodging Higuruma’s sword and manages to punch him in the face.

He starts chanting and sends a powerful dismantle on Higuruma; Sukuna tells Higuruma to heal himself.

Sukuna manages to cut off Higuruma ‘s right arm and once again says to heal himself.

After a small banter, Sukuna cuts off the remaining left arm of Higuruma and threatens him, saying that he may lose his head next.

JJK Chapter 247 Leaks
Higuruma knows what he is doing, but sometimes the plans do not work out. (Source: Twitter)

He proceeds to trigger Higuruma by telling him to use RCT and says that he will end up dying if he does not use RCT.

After saying all these, Sukuna proceeds to say his famous phrase, “Ganbare, Ganbare.”

Suddenly, Sukuna finds piercing blood getting through him as Higuruma says that he will only die after fulfilling his role.

This shocks Sukuna, and he is left wondering how Higuruma got the technique from his big brother.

Sukuna and Higuruma Clash in JJK Chapter 247: A Glimpse of RCT, Yuji’s Important Role

While Sukuna was figuring out the technique, Higuruma managed to learn RCT and regenerate his right arm.

After getting his right arm back, Higuruma immediately attacked Sukuna.

Higuruma manages to pierce Sukuna’s arm by using his Executioners Sword.

But Sukuna is once again safe because he had already cut off his wrist before Higuruma pierced it with his sword.

Sukuna makes fun of Higuruma by saying, “You are OK at best,” and grabs hold of him.

Higuruma Yuji final moment
Higuruma and Yuji’s final moment is very sad and emotional. (Source: Twitter)

Higuruma is now screaming in pain after Sukuna’s attack.

However, right after getting slashed, he throws his sword at Yuji, and Yuji manages to catch it, who is right behind Sukuna.

Yuji watches Higuruma falling and remembers Nanami’s final moment when he said, “I leave the rest to you.”

After this, Yuji goes to stab Sukuna and tells himself, “I am a Jujutsu sorcerer.”

Higuruma dies, and while he is dying, he looks Yuji in the eyes and gives him his sword.

Moreover, we have not yet seen if Yuji will be successful at killing Sukuna.

The leaks of chapter 247 of JJK have fans wondering if Yuji will be able to kill Sukuna now that he is alone without Higuruma.

For this, the fans need to wait for the release of chapter 248.

Let’s wait and watch if the makers decide to show Sukuna and Yuji’s fight in chapter 247.

However, the JJK chapter 247 leaks suggest that it is highly unlikely.

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