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Yuta Is Alive! JJK Chapter 252 Spoilers, Leaks And Raw Scans

The spoilers of JJK chapter 252 have finally made their way to the internet. The revelations from the chapter are shocking and raise many questions, including the fate of Yuta and the real form of Sukuna.

Jujutsu Kaisen fans are desperately waiting for the upcoming chapter of the manga series.

In the last chapter, Yuji reached out to Megumi after successfully getting into Sukuna’s inner domain.

Sadly, Megumi did not want to fight anymore or join the battle in any way.

This gave Sukuna the upper hand, and he tried to attack Yuji but failed to do so.

It is because Yuta successfully protects Yuji by absorbing Sukuna’s world-cutting slash.

Yuta gets cut in half, but Maki appears and finally slashes Sukuna with his split soul Katana.

This surprising end of chapter 251 has made the JJK fans curious about the upcoming chapter 252.

JJK Chapter 252: Maki’s Fight Against Sukuna, Is Yuta Still Alive?

Chapter 252 Of JJK will be titled ‘Ihuman Makyo Shinjuku Showdown.’

According to the spoilers, the chapter will begin with a flashback.

In the flashback, Ino, Maki, and Kusakabe look at Yuta’s domain barrier from the outside.

Maki Ino Kusakabe flashback
Maki Ino Kusakabe makes a great team when they work together. (Source: Twitter)

The three of them think that the domain barrier will be shattered.

Which is why they prepare Maki to join the battle at any moment.

While Ino suggests that more people should be inside the domain, Kusakabe says it is too late.

He says that if more people enter the domain now, it will raise an alert for Sukuna.

Kusakabe cheers for Maki as she enters the domain and tells her to wait for Yuta’s signal before entering.

Then, this story shifts back to the reality from the flashback where Maki distracts Sukuna.

Yuta cut in half
Some fans claim that Yuta was never cut in half, as Rika was able to take him away. (Source: Twitter)

Rika is holding on to Yuta, and suddenly, Ui Ui comes and takes him possibly to Shoko.

Various spoilers from Chapter 252 of JJK suggest that Ui Ui is taking him to Shoko to heal him.

This is making everyone believe that there is a possibility that Yuta is still alive and will make a comeback soon.

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Maki’s Katana Unveils Sukuna’s Weakness: Yuji Is Weak?

During the fight, Maki tries to slash Sukuna but fails.

However, Sukuna, during the fight with Maki, realizes that the cuts made by this split soul Katana cannot heal through the regular reverse curse technique.

The only possible way to heal his wounds from the split soul Katana is to do it directly.

Sukuna can do it, but the damage he had from his fight with Gozo makes it impossible for him.

While Sukuna realizes this, Yuji returns to the fight and tries to rescue Megumi.

Maki and Sukuna interaction
Maki and Sukuna’s interaction was epic, hinting that their battle would take a great shape. (Source: Twitter)

Sadly, Yuji has not healed properly and has started coughing blood.

Meanwhile, Sukuna and Maki are still fighting, and he tries to grab her Katana.

During the fight, Sukuna realizes that Maki can see his technique better than anyone else.

Maki stabs Sukuna’s heart, but he can get back to normal by using curse energy to restart his blood circulation.

According to the spoilers of JJK chapter 252, the scene then switches back to the battle between Uraume and Hakari.

Hakari reveals that the original form of Sukuna is not as scary as everyone thinks.

He reveals that his curse energy reserve is also slowly diminishing.

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