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Is Joel Osteen Church Shooter Trans? Gender And Sexuality

In the recent turns of events, news of the Lakewood Church shooting has gained worldwide attention, resulting in trans rumors about the Joel Osteen Church Shooter.

The Lakewood church, operated by televangelist pastor Joel Osteen, faced a massacre led by a 36-year-old woman, Genesse Moreno.

The shooting held on February 11, 2024, resulted in her death after being shot by the authorities in self-defense.

Genesse is an American woman who entered the church with a 7-year-old boy and opened fire just before a Spanish language service.

Meanwhile, Genesse had several criminal histories and was arrested before under Jeffery Escalante.

Additionally, she also had a mental illness, due to which her family tried to seek help from authorities to prevent her from accessing weapons.

Unfortunately, her actions eventually led her to death in February 2024.

Moreover, as the case made headlines due to the dual name of the criminal, questions regarding her gender identity arose among the people.

As a result, trans rumors about the Joel Osteen Church shooter have started to circulate online.

Is Joel Osteen Church Shooter Trans? Gender And Sexuality

In the digital era, national criminals often find themselves entangled in rumors regarding their personal lives and crimes.

Similarly, at the moment, the Joel Osteen Church Shooter, Genesse, has turned out to be the major target of trans rumors surrounding her sexuality.

The trans rumors about Genesse initially started to surface online after her death in the Lakewood church shooting.

Genesse Ivonne Moreno image.
Genesse is not a trans woman and is a straight instead. (Source: Instagram)

Due to her past crimes and arrest suggesting she is a male, confusion has arisen among the people regarding her real sexuality.

Following this news, many people started to speculate she was a trans who underwent some surgeries to become a woman.

Likewise, many people shared fake news of the Joel Osteen Church shooter identifying as trans on different social sites.

While others claimed that Genesse was born as Jeffery but went on to transition as a woman.

However, all these sources sharing the trans rumors about the shooter are fake and lack credibility.

Additionally, the authorities have also not collected any evidence suggesting she is a trans woman.

Although the police stated that she used male and female aliases, the investigators determined her to be a female.

Genesse Moreno's image with her details.
Genesse Moreno also had a 7-year-old son. (Source: Christian Post)

Meanwhile, as these rumors reached a broad audience, people started to share baseless narratives about the rise in transgender shooters in recent times.

Nevertheless, it seems unethical to point out the trans community based on the crime undertaken by straight women.

Moreover, we request everyone to stop sharing such baseless rumors without proper evidence to back them.

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Details On Joel Osteen Shooting In Church: Incident

The horrible incident occurred on a Sunday afternoon at the Houston megachurch.

According to the authorities, the 36-year-old woman, Genesse, walked straight inside the church and started shooting with an AR-15.

As she began shooting, her first victim turned out to be a man who was fortunately saved by the authorities.

Following the incident, the authorities reached the church within a few minutes and started firing in self-defense.

Authorities captured during the Lockwood church shooting.
The authorities shot and killed the shooter at the church. (Source: NBC News)

With the police arriving at the scene, Genesse pulled her AR-15 towards the officer and began fighting them.

While in battle, officers had to shoot her down to stop her from harming others inside the church.

Meanwhile, the authorities also hit her 7-year-old son, whom she brought to the church.

As of Monday, the boy was in critical condition, but further details are yet to be revealed.

Moreover, the unfortunate incident has left everyone in shock, and people are praying for the little boy who suffered a headshot.

Nevertheless, these shooting incidents have always been a major concern in the United States and continue to promote calls for action from the authorities.

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