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John Balentine murder of three teens, Edward Caylor, Kai Geyer, and Steven Watson, in 1998 led to his execution more than two decades later.

Texas has executed John Balentine, who fatally shot three teenagers in their sleep.

The 54-year-old was the sixth person and the fifth male to be executed this year.

One of the victims, Edward Caylor was John’s ex-girlfriend’s brother, who had disapproved of their interracial relationship.

It was reported that the killer did not know the other two victims, who were friends of Caylor.

After Balentine was arrested six months later, a jury found him guilty of three capital murders and sentenced him to death in 1999.

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John Balentine Murder- Killed Three Teens At Sleep

John Balentine’s murder of three teenagers in their sleep in 1998 was one of the chilling murder cases in Texas.

The three teenagers, Edward Mark Caylor, 17, Kai Brooke Geyer, 15, and Steven Watson, 15, were shot in their heads while sleeping at a Texas Panhandle home.

Although he was on the run for six months, authorities arrested him and charged him with three counts of manslaughter.

john balentine murder
John Balentine was arrested for killing three teenagers while they slept. (Source: Amarillo.com)

The killer, John Balentine, was born on January 30, 1969, and was 28 at the time of the incident.

Balentine confessed to the murders and accepted the death penalty.

He turned down a plea agreement that would have sentenced him to life imprisonment because of the racial threats that made him more afraid of being attacked or killed in prison.

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John Balentine Executed

John Lezell Balentine, the man who killed three teens in their sleep in 1998, has been executed in Texas.

As mentioned above, the murderer was 28 at the time of the killings. He was executed 26 years later, aged 54.

He received lethal injection at the state prison in Huntsville, Texas, on February 8, 2023.

Balentine’s attorney had argued that the trial had been marred with racial bias; John was black, whereas his three victims were white.

John Balentine was executed 26 years after he killed three teenagers in their sleep. (Source: NBC DFW)

The 54-year-old gave a short speech before his execution and thanked his friends for their support.

He then asked for forgiveness from seven of the three victims’ relatives who had come to see the execution.

He was then given an injection containing the lethal dose of the powerful sedative pentobarbital in his arm.

John took two breaths, snored twice, yawned, and began snoring loudly, which became progressively quieter, and stopped.

He died at 6:36 pm, 15 minutes after the lethal injection. The relatives refused to talk to the media after the execution. 

One of the victims, Edward Caylor’s sister, one of the witnesses who watched John die, was his former girlfriend.

Prosecutors said the murders were committed because of a feud between Edward and John. It was reported that the perpetrator did not know the two other victims.

Balentine argued that others had threatened his life because of his interracial relationship with Caylor’s sister.

Balentine was one of the five Texas death row inmates who are part of a lawsuit seeking to stop the prison system from using allegedly unsafe and expired drugs.

Despite the ongoing legal claims, Texas allowed two other inmates, Robert Alan Fratta and Wesley Lynn Ruiz, to be executed earlier in 2023.

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