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All About John Lyng And Terry Malloy Feud In Frisbee & Bitter Relationship

After a win at the tournament, people on the internet speculate about the potential feud between John Lyng and Terry Malloy. Find out the details in this article.

John Lyng and Terry Malloy are teamed up for the Woodbridge Discflect Open tournament.

The duo became the fourth different team to win the contest with an overall record of 19-3.

Further, John and Terry had a record of two perfect games and a score of 4.28 points per round.

Their skills in the game show their focus and confidence in the sport.

While many question the seriousness of the sport, others want to know more about the feud between John Lyng and Terry Malloy.

John Lyng And Terry Malloy Feud In Frisbee & Bitter Relationship

Despite being together for the game, according to netizens, John and Terry hate each other.

They haven’t spoken to each other outside of the game in seven years.

A blood feud between their families also exists despite chemistry in the fields.

John Lyng and Terry Malloy win with two perfect game
John and Terry become discflect champions with great skill in the game. (Source: Twitter)

However, sources to back up this claim are unavailable, making the feud between John Lyng and Terry Malloy a made-up story.

The elaborate story has reached new heights, with different Twitter users adding new twists to their history.

According to one of the stories, John and Terry had a shaky start in the preliminaries back in 2015.

However, they reached the finals, but John couldn’t score a throw from Terry, causing a huge fight between the players.

Not only that, Terry was further suspended from the game in 2019 after a dispute with a local bartender.

The surveillance footage has never been released to protect the players.

John Lyng and Terry Malloy against mustache grandpa
Discflect, or KanJam, is a two-person sport where one needs to throw a frisbee in a can.

However, all these claims are just elaborate jokes circulating on the internet.

Likewise, both the players couldn’t find chemistry with other players, but the bad blood remained as per claims.

However, as stated by many people, John Lyng and Terry Malloy never had any feud or bitter relationship.

Moreover, they hadn’t even played together before the recent local tournament.

All these claims and stories have confused people on the internet, and they seek the truth.

Similarly, people claim that the John Lyng and Terry Malloy feud story could be a plot for the next Will Ferrell movie.

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John And Terry’s Discflect Tournament And Wins

John and Terry achieved perfect scores and were announced as the discflect champions for this year.

Discflect, also known as the KanJam game, is a two-person sport where they deflect and throw a disc or frisbee into a goal.

Further, PDFA is the official body which maintains and oversees all aspects of the sport for tournaments.

John Lyng and Terry Malloy play in local tournament
Discflect aims to host many world championships in the future. (Source: Instagram)

The Spare Ribs, with players John and Terry, won with a 5-point advantage from their nearest competition.

Likewise, Mustache Grandpas and 732 Boyz took the top three spots with an overall score of thirty-five and thirty.

Moreover, in the world championship of the discflect series, Young Guns are on top with their performance.

While the sport began as a simple game of throwing objects into a metal goal or can, it has developed over the years.

Discflect local tournament has young participation
Young people also participate in the sport of discflect. (Source: Instagram)

Only in 1999 the discflect championship opened up to the public.

Many players in local tournaments, like John and Terry, aim to rise in ranks in the discflect series.

As the 2023 series has ended, they will decide the schedule for next year this fall.

But many on the internet question the absurdity of the sport and the rules.

Nonetheless, watching players show immense dedication to such a simple sport is a fun sport.

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